It’s 11:30 pm Sunday, June 19th and also we have actually simply shown up in Ventura CA. We claimed our bye-byes to our homie Brush, obtained our resort secret and also began to prep our equipment and also bikes. After simply a number of hrs of rest our wake telephone call appears. We each delve into activity, morning power bar, among Jaime’s natural treats or perhaps even several of last evening’s cool coffee. After weeks of preparation we are lastly in Ventura and also prepared for this year’s Ride4Water Summertime Solstice flight or as we called it “the Suffer Solstice flight”. All the people are up and also prepared to roll. All we require currently is Ryan, our Ride4Water planner, to state some words of support, supply us a fast strategy and also complete it off with the team image. All the bikes are currently aligned motorist side out and after that an accident appears behind us. WTF! Chris’s blue Mataro Low has actually tipped over and also currently has among the motorcyclist’s cleats with the spokes of his back wheel. 5 mins prior to the flight will begin and also we have a damaged talked and also shutoff stem. WTF truly! Currently what do we do? Much from residence, without accessibility to an actual pump or an additional talked, fuck it, we ride. A busted talked and also a fifty percent pumped up tire weren’t mosting likely to quit us, so we wish Chris that this wheel makes it to Sea Coastline.


Initial 90 miles from Ventura are incredible, along the coastline, quiting just for washroom breaks, coffee and also a couple of apartments. Mashing with web traffic in Malibu, striking the bike course in Santa Monica/Venus Coastline and also appreciating the sight. We pressed on, avoiding all the bike stores on our course. At this moment Chris was drawing the whole pack easily like normal. After that we struck Long Coastline, 100+ levels, on the f * ckin best day of the year. It was harsh, far from any kind of sea breeze and also right right into heavy traffic web traffic. It was chaos! Suddenly we went from a cool coastline flight, to a warm unpleasant commute with the shipyard vehicles transporting lots and also not offering a f * ck for any person in their method. Jaime and also Roq went to the rear of the pack pressing the group with the suffering, rolling up to Chris suggesting with among the truckers that drew right into a parking area. It appears the motorist required to make an appropriate turn and also virtually took Chris out! Chris claimed he ordered onto the side of the vehicle and also took the turn right into the parking area with him, hoping that he would not be drawn under and also smashed. Virtually 100 miles finished and also this person is still sharp as f * ck, Chris not just endured with a couple of scrapes and also contusions yet had the ability to inform the trucker he’s a f * ckin moron. We lastly struck 105 miles at Seal Coastline. Once more the Ride4Water group did an incredible task of supplying gas for all the bikers and also seeing to it we were cared for. We refueled, struck the washroom, re-filled our containers and also removed anything not required off our bikes. We have actually lastly made it back to the coastline and also the great wind is back in our faces. Pressing past the discomfort and also any kind of ideas of quiting we pass Huntington Coastline, New Port, Corona Del Mar, Laguna Coastline (at 4pm is Questionable AF) and after that we struck our following quit at Bear Shore Coffee. 3 cool mixtures and also some much required pain reliever is all we require to proceed.

Virtually to San Diego we refueled and also were off once more wanting to make it to Sea Coastline prior to sundown. While Chris and also Jaime were still mashing at the front of the pack, Roq went to the back pressing with extreme knee discomfort and also an aching achilles. We weren’t as well anxious just due to the fact that absolutely nothing was mosting likely to quit “The Hill Goat” from ending up. With Camp Pendleton we pressed on and also satisfied a couple of vacationers in the process. The bike courses were currently finishing and also the only choice for a bicyclist was the I-5 highway. Yes, the f * ckin I-5 highway, the very same I-5 highway we drive on reach Disney Land or with Los Angeles. INSANE! We ride onto the appropriate shoulder, going into the highway as if we were a really slow-moving auto without danger lights. All we listen to currently are the big vehicles zipping us beeping and also autos zooming by at 80+ MILES PER HOUR. We truly do not belong on this strip of roadway yet we have nothing else alternatives. We continued, rising hillside, sometimes with just one leg and also suffering once more in the warm. We placed our heads down and also pressed onward with the wind as the web traffic zips us, clutching our bars firmly so we do not obtain blown over. It was as if this was an initiation rite and also an essential challenge that have to be finished to get to the following action on our trip, Oceanside.

We Get Here in SD

We lastly made it to San Diego, to life and also unscathed. At the very least a lot of us unscathed, Roq may have shed a leg at the same time. Currently we travel with the roads of Oceanside, far from insane web traffic recognizing we just have 36 miles left. We advance and also gradually the team begins to divide, Chris at the front leading the pack and also wishing to seriously complete, Roq at the back riding with one leg and also Jaime is someplace in the center quiting to aid bikers as they obtain punctures. All this recognizing that we still had the hardest climb of the day, Torrey Pines. We invested the whole day speaking about Torrey Pines and also just how difficult it might really be, specifically after 180 + miles of riding. We talked about whether it would certainly be more difficult than climbing up Path 39 to Crystal Lake or Los Feliz to the Hela Pad at Griffith or perhaps all the same climb that Chris flights to obtain residence each day. No matter we would certainly all quickly be climbing it to the goal. So we reach Torrey Pines State Coastline, the sunlight has actually currently established and also we remain in the blind, climbing up without lights. The concept of ending up prior to sundown and also removing our bikes of all equipment possibly had not been the most intelligent action. However f * ck IT! We climb up due to the fact that this Evergreen lined hillside is the last action to us quiting the discomfort.

Therefore it finishes

From the top of Torrey Pines we struck UCSD which’s where we provide a massive proclaim to our brand-new homie Preston from Group Cretins for directing us with San Diego in a blur of darkness, on alleys and also lighting the method to the surface, Pizza Port Sea Coastline. Wow! All of it took place so quickly, as if time quit on top of TORREY F * CKIN PINES and also began once more at Pizza Port. Moving right into the completed with individuals shouting and also applauding us on, it was really incredible. Being rejoined with the all the people that had actually completed in advance and also experienced 200 miles with you was incredible and also an experience we will certainly all keep in mind for the remainder of our lives. Thanks Ride4Water for enabling us to be component of a terrific reason and also with any luck our suffering will certainly aid others in requirement. We are Brakeless Riding Klub Los Angeles and also we are currently DEAD!

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