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RipRacer Production Update – Juiced Bikes

We’re excited to announce that our new RipRacer is in full production mode, with our first batch of bikes expected to ship from our China facility later this  month. Here is a short behind-the-scenes look from our factory as we continue making RipRacer e-bikes, and will continue producing for the next few weeks. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the components and, ultimately,  the value our customers will receive from our newest addition to the Juiced Bikes portfolio! 

I’ll  continue to provide consistent RipRacer production updates throughout the next couple of months. I can’t wait to get these shipped out to our pre-order customers so they can experience how fun and functional these e-bikes are. This has become my go-to mode of  transportation because it’s so portable and  still so much fun to ride!

RipRacer Update

A big thank you to all of the customers who have pre-ordered the new RipRacer. You will not be disappointed! 

Stay tuned for more production and shipping updates!

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