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Rize Bikes Meets the CBP’s Requirement for E-Bike Battery Certification

An MSDS, also known as the Material Safety Data Sheets, is a document that contains information about the physical and chemical properties of a substance.

For e-bikes, MSDS sheets are used to provide battery information about the battery and other components of the bike that contain hazardous materials.

MSDS sheets are important for e-bikes because they help ensure the safe handling and use of these vehicles. 

You may not know this but all e-bike batteries contain lithium-ion. This is a highly reactive substance that can catch fire if mishandled. Damage can occur during transportation, for example.

The MSDS sheet for an e-bike battery provides information about the proper handling and disposal of the battery, as well as safety precautions that we should be take in order to prevent any injury.

You can see how this form of battery can be highly dangerous if it does not pass a specific set of safety inspections.

There is nothing to worry about in this aspect for all Rize Bikes models. This is because we have a guaranteed certification for all our e-bikes!

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