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In 2019, we had the pleasure of interviewing the Swiss army knife of cycling: Jolanda Neff. Back then, Jolanda was known for her golden locks and her diversity in three different disciplines: road, mountain, and cyclocross. Now, as we welcome her back to our podcast, Better with Bikes, for 2022, she has traded her gold hair for a whole lot of gold medals. 

For those who may not know, Jolanda Neff has quite the resume. She’s taken home a treasure trove of gold in her career thus far, including a win in Tokyo in 2021, 14 World Cup Championships, and 16 Elite World, European, or Swiss National Championships. And, she was named pinkbike’s 2021 Comeback Athlete of the Year. As her collection of firsts continues to pile up, we can’t wait to see what more she will bring to the mountain bike world. 

Considering Jolanda hasn’t sat down for a chat with the podcast in three years, we had a ton to catch up on. So much so that we had to split her episode into two parts! In part one, we discuss the trials and tribulations she overcame before diving into her finest races of 2021 (including a broken hand weeks before a race), how her life has changed since, and the exciting things that are coming for her and her team this season. To listen to part one, click the link below, or to find out what else we covered, keep reading.

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