S2:EP51 Ebike review after using for one month GrabFood and Deliveroo Food deliver

You should consider when purchasing an e bike for food delivery, and we are starting right now, Music, the classic step through frame. I love this design as a delivery rider, especially as someone who has trouble lifting my left leg high due to an old work related injury. This frame design allows me to get an on and off the bike, effortlessly, no matter how many times i do it and you know, as food delivery riders, there are a lot of times that we need to get on and off the bike. The battery range. This is my first e bike, so i dont really have uh any previous experience to rely on. I have heard that e bikes are notorious for their battery consumption. However, i feel the power on this bike is pretty well balanced. The controller is fast and responsive. I dont know the technical specification, but the way that the controller and the battery is connected with the motor it feels very responsive. At the same time, even though my battery is on the lower range at 12.8, ah, there is enough juice to hit more than 20 orders with enough power to get me back home the hand grips previously. When i first got the e bike i mentioned, i had some pain while using these textured grips, but after constant usage for more than a month, i have grown accustomed to these. In fact, i find the shape to be ergonomically better fitting now and i love the duckbill design.

I admit my initial impression was way off the mark. On these hand, grips speed and power. I am very happy with the speed and motor power. Actually, i am able to achieve the maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour on just the first mode mode, one itself so uh excuse my. You know the shakiness of the footage. What im trying to do is im trying to record the the the the lcd display. So that you can see that you know im hitting 25 kilometers per hour on mode one, i will usually alternate between mode one and two uh. Mostly i keep mode one during my starting phase and then mode. Two is my cruising speed, so basically, i i would actually uh just cruise between these two on flat surfaces and at chochukong, or you know, a better part of ut. Among these places, however, i reserve mode 3 for climbing steep hills um, so normally. That is how i actually manage my my my my speed and my and my battery power. The cruising speed at mode 2 actually allows me to you know, get to places quickly without sacrificing the battery power mode. 3 is a real life saver. When i need the extra power to get me up, the steep slopes of bukit panjang, actually this particular slope is one of the steepest slopes. I have ever encountered around bukit panjanga, so you know with the with on mode 3 its really very effortless.

I just need to paddle slowly, and you know the moto does the rest of the work, and even when i encounter situations like these, you know where i have to stop halfway on the slope. Restarting back, the motor is really very easy. I just have to pedal just a little bit and i think, like about one quarter and the motor kicks in and im able to pedal, you know uh efficiently and uh. Just uh get up the slope effortlessly without any issue. Lets talk about the seat. I call this seat the butt cracker, the seat is really terrible on long rides for short rides. It is quite acceptable, however, for full time riders. They should definitely change the seat for better butt comfort, its its not really a seat meant for long term riding. So change the seat as soon as possible, hybrid brakes. As most of you know, my previous manual bicycle was using disc brakes on both sides, which allowed me to actually stop my vehicle faster. I found that there is an option to change the rear clam brakes on the comex to disc brakes. However, now i have gotten used to the hybrid brakes now, but the point is that, even though having the option to change the real clan breaks, i would like to see – or i would have preferred that you know they actually have it built in on the stock Model that means you know like both brakes are like disc brakes uh, instead of me, you know later on having to go and change it.

That is this is my personal preference. The main reason. Why is because you know when i pull the lever to break right? There is some time it takes me some time to for the vehicle to come to a complete stop compared to the disc brakes, which has a shorter period to stop. Next lets talk about the essential e bike accessories uh, which i got e bikes generally fall into two general consumer categories. You have riders, who are using them for leisure, and then you have riders who invest in it to earn money such as food delivery riders. So these are the following: are the accessories which i have invested in to make? My delivery rides pleasant and safer, not just for me, but for other road users as well the foldable rack. I love this foldable rack man, its just perfect. I pop it up whenever im doing food delivery and fold it down once i am done for the day and it looks like a regular e bike. It is a very sturdy and strong, so i dont need to have a bulky rack attached to the back of my bike. Bonus issue: is that once its folded, it does not take up more space than a regular bicycle. The first few days when i was delivering with the stock model, i had problems signaling to other road users when i wanted to filter to lanes not to mention how dangerous it is to ride.

One handed and use the other hand to signal. Ever since i installed the turning lights, i have had stress free rides on busy roads. The only downside is that, even though it has a horn symbol on the switch, there is no actual horn provided which kind of feels disappointing, because i was expecting there to be a horn. As you know, there is a picture of a horn. However, once i look past it, then what i have is a very capable, robust turning light system for my e bike at a reasonable price side. View mirrors: if you are an e bike, food delivery rider get side view mirrors, install asap. It is ridiculous. You know that e bike riders are expected to ride on the road, yet do not have mirrors on their bike. It comes down to eliminating the riders blind spots. Hence i got these. You know side view mirrors. I installed them a couple of days ago, but, however, i find that im only using the right sided mirror. Maybe the left side. I might actually remove it in fact, taking it a bit further, i would say that all food delivery, e bikes are should have integrated. Turning lights and side view mirrors not just for our safety but for the safety of all road users. I simply cannot understand why the authorities dont make this mandatory on on all e bikes. It is like buying a car or motorbike with no indicators or side view mirrors man, and you know its all.

It actually comes down to a safety issue as well. You know its safer for us and for other road users, whom we share the road with well and there you have it remember that when you buy a vehicle, whether it is a bicycle or e bike or motorcycle for food delivery, make sure to set aside a Budget for additional related accessories as well and, finally, to round it off. How was how has getting an e bike affected? My food delivery adventures. Well, my earnings has actually increased by about 15 percent to 20 percent. I would say on grad food i used to do on average about two orders per hour, which has since changed to an average of three orders. So i am able to increase my earnings by the hour la on delivery. I am getting more orders constantly compared to when i was using a bicycle. The flip side to this is that i am also getting longer distance orders, but it is fine with me, as the earnings are better per order. However, most importantly, i dont feel exhausted. After my rides, i i do feel tired lah, but it is not the bone wrenching type of tiredness. You know i used to feel after cycling, which is why i totally respect cyclists and walkers a lot. Food delivery is a tough job. Every single dollar is earned by determined and hardworking riders who want to make a decent living to provide for their family, and that is my takeaway ride.


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