[SHOT 2022] Bakcou Timberwolf Electric Scooter & Storm Jäger eBike


[SHOT 2022] Bakcou Timberwolf Electric Scooter & Storm Jäger eBike

If you ever have the opportunity to attend “Industry Day at the Range” for SHOT Show it is like a Tactical Disneyland of firearms, accessories, and hunting related equipment. Other featured products that may surprise some people is the small amount of motorsports items on display as well like eBikes and electric scooters. One of the prominent manufacturers in this corner of “Industry Day at the Range” was Bakcou showing off their Timberwolf Electric Scooter and Storm Jäger eBike.

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Bakcou Timberwolf Electric Scooter – MSRP $2,898

The Timberwolf electric scooter especially caught our eye because we were not aware that electric technology had jumped into that market as well. The Timberwolf electric scooter from Bakcou is a very capable, quick, and easy-to-transport model. If you are looking to do lighter work at home, on the farm, or while out hunt this could be a great electric scooter to have. The Timberwolf electric scooter retails for $2,898 and Bakcou has their complete specifications listing below:

  • Motor: same as flatland 750 watt bafang hub drive
  • Wheel size: 24 20 4”
  • 203 rotors front and back
  • Versatile, very easy to get on and off
  • Easy to transport, fold handle down, take off front wheel (quick release)
  • Super stealthy
  • Maneuverable
  • Very easy to ride, close to the ground

Another model with some camouflage curb appeal was Bakcou’s Storm Jäger eBike built for more difficult and tumultuous terrain. This eBike is available in multiple battery and frame sizes depending on the output you want (speed and battery life) plus the physical stature of the rider. You also get an option of two different colorways in Matte Black and Kryptek Altitude. The retail price of the Bakcou Storm Jäger eBike varies from $7,998 – $8,697 depending on the features you choose. All of the specs can also be read below as presented by Bakcou:

  • Motor: This smart torque sensing motor, powered by Bafang, is capable of falling under all 3 Classifications of eBike laws. Toggle between 750 watts, and 1,000 continuous watts with a max power output of 1,500 watts.  How is that possible?
  • Battery: Extended Distance 48v 17.5ah, 21ah, or 25ah lithium-ion
  • Range: Up to 82 Miles (See “eBike Range Explained” under “Resources” on our website)
  • Performance: 160NM of Torque/ 1500 Peak Wattage Output
  • Display: Bafang DP C18.UART Full Color LCD
  • Brakes: Powerful Tektro HD E750 Quad Piston Hydraulic, 203mm front & rear
  • Suspension: RST Renegade Fork (120mm of travel) & Rockshox Monarch rear
  • Frame: High Grade Aluminum Alloy 6061
Bakcou Storm Jäger eBike – MSRP $7,998 – $8,697
  • Throttle: Removable Left Thumb Throttle
  • Wheels: Quick Release Front Hub
  • Tires: Unparalleled Traction and Control Maxxis Minion 26” X 4.0
  • Gearing: Rohloff E-14 (500/14) Speed Hub
  • Steering: Wide 740mm Handlebars for Greater Stability
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Locking Ergonomic Handlebar Grips
  • Side Rear Derailleur Guards
  • Saddle: SR Sport Saddle
  • Aggressive Skid-Proof Wide Stance Pedals
  • Weight: 72 lbs
Bakcou Storm Jäger eBike – MSRP $7,998 – $8,697

While checking out all of the different eBike manufacturers that were at “Industry Day at the Range,” Bakcou definitely looked to have the most capable and advanced ones there. The Bakcou Storm Jäger eBike was definitely impressive climbing steep terrain out in the Las Vegas desert. Stay tuned to AllOutdoor all week long to catch information on all of the new products unveiled! As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below. We always appreciate your feedback.

Bakcou Timberwolf Electric Scooter – MSRP $2,898

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