Six Tips For Climbing Steep Hills


Many of our owners chose their SONDORS to help them climb hills and to break through headwinds with relative ease. E-bikes complement human power, so if you’re ready to broaden your horizons with your riding and take on some steep hills, here are six tips to ensure you make the most out of your climbs and have a blast!

One critical thing to remember is to make sure you’re in the right gear and the right level of pedal assist before you start your climb. Level 1 Assist and an easy gear is ideal. Then make sure you anticipate your trajectory and know exactly where you’re headed. Smoothly transition from flat to steep ground. How you approach a change in slope is key, as is keeping your eyes on the hill all the way up. Look for rocks or roots that could interfere with your momentum.

A high gear is simply not going to cut it when it comes to steep banks. You need to keep spinning in high cadence. Also, try to avoid changing gears when in the middle of a climb. It’s better to back off if you need to in order to keep things running smoothly. When it comes to steep hills, it’s better to take your time rather than force yourself.

To get the most out of your SONDORS power for those really steep banks means skipping pedal assist Levels 1 or 2 and go for it with Levels 4 or 5 – whichever matches your level of desired grind. This gives you control over your speed and cadence, so if you encounter some tricky situations on the trail, you can back off or speed up to cope with it.

Be conscious of your body’s position because this affects the weight distribution on your e-bike. Expect to move yourself forward to keep the back down, and backward to keep the traction on the back tire. Your body position depends on the steepness of the hill and the terrain you’re riding. If you’re riding on gentle slopes, a neutral position is okay. However, with steep grades, it’s best to shift your body weight forward so you can maintain traction on the rear wheel. Try lowering your chest toward the handle bars and bending your elbows.

The rule to remember is: Keep it low. If you think about it, if the seat is up high, then you can’t move around as easily because the center of gravity is high. Low down on your e-bike is best if you want to crest that hill through the most effective means possible.

The tires have influence on performance. If you’ve got your e-bike set up with too little air in the rear tire, for example, there will be too much of a weight bias in the rear of the bike. With too much pressure in those tires, you simply aren’t going to gain traction. You need to find the right air pressure, and this depends on the terrain you’re riding and your own riding style.

So get out there and discover the joy of steep hill riding on your SONDORS, and feel like the champion you are!

Love Your Ride. Love Your Life.


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