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Don’t forget to add these items to your bag before you head to the resort for the first time.

Ski Socks

Easy to overlook, but the wrong pair of ski socks can make or break your ski day. It’s tempting to reach for a comfy, well-padded pair, but we recommend something relatively thin. If your boots fit properly there isn’t a lot of extra space in your boot, and a thin sock will minimize pressure points and enhance circulation for an ultimately warmer foot.
Options like the EURO SocksSki Superlite Sock even have an ultra-smooth fabric that makes it easier to get your boots on and off.

Gloves & Mittens

Your standard winter gloves might work. However, ski-specific gloves have some nice features that keep your hands comfortable throughout the day—like waterproof fabric, extra-long cuffs, wrist leashes, and grippy palms for holding onto your poles.


For super snowy or windy days, a neck warmer or balaclava is key. Go with thin merino wool for cool, blustery weather or polar fleece if you need extra warmth.

Ski and Boot Bags

Boot bags simplify travel with extra space and protective pockets for accessories like your gloves, goggles, and helmet. A ski bag is essential for long trips or if you’re flying to your destination.

Ski Rack

Don’t forget that you need a way to get your sticks from your garage to the resort. Sure, you can stuff your skis into the back of your car, but if you’re riding with friends a special mount for your roof rack comes in handy.

Most ski racks fit onto your existing roof rack. And with the option to lock the rack, you can make an end-of-the-day pizza run without having to worry about your skis getting stolen.

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