State of the Ebike Market: Batteries

A Number Of you, our consumers, have actually connected to us revealing, in a range of methods, that you wish to acquire one more battery for your ebike. Regrettably, lots of people’s efforts to accomplish their need has actually led to the aggravation of unfulfillment. We feel your aggravation and also in our ongoing initiative for openness, regarding why points are the method they go to the minute, we have actually authored this item to maintain you educated of why you are not able to get a battery for your ebike.

Post-Pandemic Troubles Drag Out

In March and also May of this year, we launched items outlining the problems impacting the ebike market and also the initiatives we were mosting likely to get over these. Regrettably, the problems of high need, restricted supply, and also supply chain stockpiles induced by the pandemic have not slow down and also there is presently no go back to typical noticeable imminent.

Concentrating know the battery element of ebikes, the supply chain problems copulate back up the chain and also down the mines that draw out the raw products -nickel, lithium, and also cobalt- utilized to generate lithium-ion batteries. Battery producers can just collaborate with what they have actually obtained, and also if basic material removal lags or slower than prior to after that there is much less product offered for creating batteries; and also this only substances in addition to the previously mentioned problems.

However, response to the ebike battery problem go a lot deeper than those of basic material and also supply chain; and also solving them is not as very easy as simply sourcing the proper high requirement, different parts like we have been able to in the past

The Electric-Powered Transport Market

The ebike market has actually seen outstanding development over the last years, and also this has actually been boosted by a continual rise popular considering that very early 2020. Within the ebike market, this rise popular has actually likewise seen the birth of several brand-new brand names and also existing, timeless bike, business participating in the ebike ball. The mix of filled with air need, resources lacks, and also an expanding variety of business providing ebikes jointly enhance the need for ebike batteries from both customers and also ebike producers; causing parts like batteries coming to be also harder and also a lot more costly to resource.

The ebike market isn’t the only growing, battery-hungry market. There is likewise the electrical and also hybrid auto market which has actually been growing at an exceptional pace over the previous years. Need is expected to continue along this higher trajectory for the near future, nevertheless, market analysts are advising that it could not have the ability to strike targets towards completion of the years, specifically because of an imbalance in battery supply and demand In addition, there is a scarcity of semiconductors which impacts batteries and also various other digital parts.

We are currently seeing the impacts of the scarcity of resources, and also with various other sectors -particularly the car market, which has a whole lot even more resources behind it than the electrical bike market- contending for the existing, extremely limited supply of lithium-ion batteries, most of us anticipate the battery scarcity to remain to impact the manufacturing capability of every market that utilizes them.

Why not make less ebikes?

A few of our consumers have actually asked us why we remain to generate brand-new ebikes as opposed to offering our existing consumers with batteries for their ebikes. This is not a ridiculous concern nevertheless, we are an ebike firm. Whilst we would certainly enjoy absolutely nothing greater than to generate brand-new batteries for each solitary among our existing consumers, this alternative simply isn’t a sensible organization version.

We are an ebike firm that has actually devoted itself to providing top notch ebikes to our consumers; not simply batteries. We desire even more individuals to “Sign up with the Activity” and also remain to expand the ebike area throughout The United States and Canada, cultivating a better feeling of area and also aiding to construct a larger understanding of and also gratitude for ebikes.

Service Warranty Guarantee

Whilst we do not have a constant circulation of batteries can be found in, we will certainly be focusing on all batteries we do get to accomplish warranty claims to ensure that we can maintain our guarantee pledge to our existing consumers.


We really hope that this comprehensive description of why it is hard for us to obtain adequate batteries to match need has actually educated you of the placement the existing international circumstance has actually left us in. We desire greater than anything to offer every one of our consumer’s desires and also requires, however variables beyond our control stop us from meeting your own and also our desires when it involves batteries. We can, nevertheless, remain to concentrate on our objective of offering top notch ebikes at budget friendly costs and also inviting brand-new bikers to the ebike area, whilst likewise maintaining our guarantee pledge to those consumers that have actually currently bought Aventon ebikes.

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