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A look behind the scenes: Stefan Vollbach’s daily work at SIMPLON

When it comes to the difficult-to-assess future, a certain degree of flexibility is required. Our CEO’s working days are also spent being flexible and spontaneous.
Every day at SIMPLON is different and exciting at the same time. Nevertheless, Stefan Vollbach tries to stick to a somewhat predictable routine. He can be found at his desk by 08:00 am. After that, a varied mix of the following tasks awaits him:

  • regular meetings such as team meetings and jour-fixes with management-level staff
  • appointments to discuss strategic matters
  • visits to the production department
  • dealer and supplier visits (pandemic regulations permitting)
  • matters and tasks that arise spontaneously

Whenever his tight schedule allows, Stefan Vollbach spends time at the Experience Center. He loves to stay incognito and observe how SIMPLON fans immerse themselves in the world of the brand.
After work, he likes to spend his free time biking or doing other sports that can be practised in the evening.

Feel the SIMPLON spirit! Would you like to receive comprehensive advice and detailed measurements, and then take your dream bike on a test ride? Book an appointment  at the reopened Experience Center! And who knows? Maybe you’ll run into our CEO there.

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