Supercapacitor E-Bike With Do It Yourself Electric Motor

Supercapacitor modern technology typically resembles a cutting edge power storage space modern technology externally, however the real efficiency numbers can be instead unexciting. Nonetheless, for fast and also repetitive fee and also discharge cycles, supercaps are tough to defeat. [Tom Stanton] wished to see if supercaps have any practical use on e-bikes, and also constructed a do it yourself electrical motor at the same time.

Among the issues with supercaps is the fast voltage decrease throughout discharge contrasted to batteries, which can restrict the quantity of functional power. In an effort to navigate the voltage restriction, [Tom] constructed his very own axial change electric motor for the bike, making use of 3D published formers for the coils and also a light weight aluminum blades with ingrained magnets. He anticipated torque to be significantly restricted, so he additionally machined a big gear for the back wheel. He constructed a capacitor financial institution making use of 6 2.7 V 400F supercaps, just equal to the ability of a solitary AA cell. Although it functioned, the overall variety was just around 100 m at reduced rate. When he hooked the electric motor approximately a traditional battery, he did locate that it was rather functional, if a little bit underpowered.

The controller for the do it yourself electric motor was not with the ability of doing regenerative stopping, so he fitted the capacitors to one more e-bike that does have regenerative stopping. Utilizing this attribute, he had the ability to recover some power while reducing or declining. Considering that this sort of billing biking is what supercaps are matched for, it functioned, however not virtually to the degree of being sensible.

[Tom]’s jobs are a prominent attribute below on Hackaday, and also he has actually additionally trying out supercaps in RC “rockets” and also a flywheel for energy storage on the same bike.

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