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Technology Idea Tuesday – Fixing “Elby will not switch on”

Having concerns with your Elby? Something not activating? Diminish on this list of feasible concerns as well as remedies. It could be something easy that you can repair on your own so you’re back when driving quickly.

Reduced Battery: Link the battery to the elby power supply as well as bill the battery up until the state of the cost indication shows as FULL.

Cord has actually come to be separated: Inspect the cord as well as port in between the battery as well as RC3 Controller.

Battery not seated properly: Ensure that the battery is seated properly in the docking terminal. Place the right angle as well as pay attention for a click.

Battery not totally secured: Transform the battery lock trick to the totally secured setting.

Battery has actually gone into deep rest setting: If the elby has actually not been made use of in 2 months or even more the Battery will certainly get in “Deep Rest” setting in order to protect the battery life. Link the battery to the elby poweer supply. If the battery is eliminated from the system when doing so, enable 5 mins up until it shuts off prior to setting up. A collection of 5 beeps will certainly show the battery has actually turned off as well as is secure to set up once more.

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