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The 5 biggest advantages of electric bikes

May 26, 2020

Riding electric bikes is the future, no question. But what are actually the most important reasons for buying an e-bike? Let’s find out!


1. Get to your destination easier & faster

Our electric bikes bring you anywhere in style – without traffic jams or parking space issues.


2. Do sports without sweating

Riding a bike is healthy. This also applies to riding an electric bike. It is good for the heart and reduces stress. With the different levels of support, you get exactly the amount of sport you want + get to your destination sweat-free.

Find out, why rinding an electric bike actually is good for your healths >


3. Protect the environment 

Many of the distances that we cover daily by car could be comfortably covered by an electric bike. E-bikes emit only 22 grams of CO2 per mile, while a car emits an average of 270 grams.


4. Save money

The purchase of an electric bike is not necessarily cheap. But from then on you will save money every day. An electric bike costs only 5 cents per mile. A car, on the other hand, costs around 60 cents.


5. Have more fun

Ride a UD bike once, and you’ll immediately smile: riding an electric bike simply is fun.

Do you have questions about our electric bikes?

Check out our FAQs > 


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