The Best E-Bike Ever?! 1500w Aostirmotor S17 ebike – Review

If you havent seen the first one, I will be posting it later, if not heres this one. So this is in austero motor, a Oster motor oyster motor. However, you want to call it its an s17, and this is the secondary model. This has a brushless, 1500 watt motor with a 20 amp hour battery, and this is removable battery and this bike signifies kind of like a hybrid mountain bike, Fat, Tire e bike. Now these fat tires are a little bit thinner than a four inch Fat, Tire and theyre a little bit shorter as well and Ill do a side by side comparison as well with my other bike, but this is a hybrid, full suspension, mountain bike. The reason why I say hybrid is the rear suspension me not too good the front suspension. Surprisingly, good so uh well go over the options on this thing and show you kind of like what I like about it when I dislike about it and why it is probably the best bang for the buck for an e bike. By far that, you can take in a truck not necessarily on a bike rack unless you have the tire mounted ones but anyways. So this is what I see beneficial about this one. First and foremost, this is an e bike and it is 1500 watt and it is powered by this screen right here, turn it on osteer motor. I dont know how well it looks on the screen here, but if we go into menu by clicking one long button on the m and then the short one on the second one, we actually can modify this menu pretty well now, if we go into system, you Can see that this is a 48 watt system.

You can actually Crank that on here up and Beyond, but it wont work. 52. 72. It wont work because this is not made for anything but 48 itll actually mess with the battery and then signify an error on the controller because it doesnt work with anything above the 48 watt. So Im going to leave that unit system Imperial because were America? Actually, you can see by the look of this thing that is American flag, which is hilarious since it was made in China now pedal assist. Our auto assist is off because the drive mode is is on both which well come to see works when you pedal and when you hit the throttle, which is right here so anyways lets exit out of that and auto off is self explanatory wheel. Size determines how fast you go and also how accurate the speedometer is now. Another thing that I heard about this is the larger you make the wheel size the faster it goes because circumference of these wheels are so small that the larger you make it itll actually spin the wheel faster. So I crank it all the way to the top. In order to get a faster setting on it, advanced settings are as they sound, and this is always. This will help everybody out here its one, eight, oh one, thats your password to First log into this okay speed limit, obviously, Im going to put that to the top Uh current limit is stock at 52.

. Now, Im not exactly sure what that does, but I have modified that a little bit and havent seen much of a difference assist levels. This is the big one its stock at five. You can do three as a lower one. If you want to stay low, uh. Five is your stock or your normal and nine is where you really get the crank and uh faster. You know amounts poles in the motor leave that at 46, that is also a stock one and then throttle PMW or pwn Im, not sure what that is same thing with the assist mode pulls in start mode is where you start at okay, also, battery self explanatory Uh well go into that just to show you 54 volts right now, its sitting at 100, because I fully charged it and so on and so forth. Factory setting brings it back to factory passwords the password you want to add for the advanced settings, information and Screen direct is just flipping It Whatever, which way is uh there. So heres, like the information from my tripometer so far as you can see, Ive only driven about four miles, maybe five on this one and then I also averaged 18 and maximum. So you have 73 kilometers and Ill show you why thats the case all right so heres the main screen again since we exited heres the assist levels, you can see Im cranking them up. The normal maximum is five, but since I added them to nine theres the assist to nine and that comes into play, something fierce as Ill show you theres also uh theres RT speeds average speeds maximum speeds.

As you can see, my Max Speed I hit so far, was 45.7 miles an hour which is crazy fast for an e bike uh and just to show you the clock as well. You can see this is not accurate because I did not set it and you can set it Im, just not going to do it today is June 11th or something or July, 11th. Sorry and uh could be later. I dont know Ive lost track of all those settings. Uh but anyways so were gon na get this out and were going to show you how it performs uh just off basic stuff right now, as you can see, Im wearing some crappy flip flops and I dont plan on going too fast. I just built this one. You know five miles ago, as I was stating its got: a Shimano derailleur, which is really nice. The normal e bikes have crappy derailleurs, and also you have adjustable compression suspension with the compression lever down bottom too. In case you want more out of it, which Ill show you lets flip it over real quick got to be careful of the screen too with this, because the screen is um heres the compression right here, so you can actually set the compression higher or lower on This as well on the bottom via clicks, so that thats a huge positive. This Fork is surprisingly good, its very surprisingly good. All right lets, set it back down and well put the shocks back on, because I turned them off.

Okay, so lets get this thing out. There and try it out and do kind of like a max speed, run now. The funny thing about this bike is, I have seen no reviews on it at all. Zero Im in the top gear too so lets click all the way down to first gear and the funny part about this bike as well, which surprised me big time, is its very usable without any assist its a nice bike to ride the tires. Arent big as big as like a normal. You know 26 inch, four Fat, Tire Bike, its more of a mountain bike style bike so well go up to one and assist so the assist on this is so quiet that you cant even hear it so its assisting right now – and you cant even hear it Now, Im going to press the throttle down, because this is a steep hill and Im going to let it go so that the assist for this is set super low. And you can see my speeds as well and Im going to run down some pretty Rocky terrain. Here, just to show you super smooth, the rear shock sucks, but that is super smooth lets crank these up a little bit so there I go Im assisting all the way into nine. You cant hear the motor at all, but its assisting so Im gon na go up this hill there, its assisting me Im, barely even pedaling barely, but you can hear the motor very slightly thats, the one good part about this bike compared to the other one.

This bike, you get this bike, you cant, hear anything so again were gon na go up this heavy Hill right here. This is a surprisingly Steep Hill. Were gon na go right up it with absolutely no pressure on the legs at all amazing performance. Now you hear the brakes squeaking and the reason why you hear the brakes squeaking is because number one theyre brand new and theyre also hydraulic up top right here now. I thought these were just regular brakes, but if they do have a hydro in here, but its cable driven so its like you know, real hydraulic brakes have hydraulics all the way to the you know, the actual brake mechanism. So these technically are hydraulic, but theyre, not full style Hydraulics. So the brakes are probably the weakest point of this by far that and the rear shock. But the rear shock is adjustable and you can swap it out for an actual gas rear shock. It does have adjustments on it to loosen the Springs up, which I would recommend, if youre about my weight, because it is way too hard, but it is a very nice bike for the money for sure. If I were to change anything about this bike, it would be that rear shock and I would modify these screens a little bit more as you can see that really didnt work assist wise in modes one to eight, but nine really kicked in. So you can actually set those in uh advanced settings and you can also set those in the regular settings as well, which well do another time but thats the assist levels and everything about that as well.

So thats another thing to note: now one last thing Im going to do before I close out this video, because a lot of people want to see it is the top speed of this as well. So theyre randomly are no videos on this bike on YouTube other than through osteer motor and they like to comment so I hope theyre watching this and like the video but uh. This is just an unadultered response, or not necessarily a response, but video to what I believe is the right way to review this without uh. You know checking in any other way. This is just an unbiased review. I bought it with my own money and uh yeah. So anyways lets get this at top speed, but Im not gon na pedal. Im Gon na Leave This in first gear right here and were just going to use the throttle and were at 100 or 99 were close enough. So we should get maximum out of this. So were gon na make sure no cars are coming and were gon na hit this too. So its going to kick on right here and Im going to tighten this down again, make sure theres nothing there. Im gon na go down the hill so that Im not using the hill for assist Im going to start from scratch at the flat. So this is flat right here and were going to see how fast we go. Okay. Here we go no pedaling.

How fast we go with austere motor 1500 watt bike, so this is already past. The maximum speed of a 7 7 were still moving faster, so we hit about 38 right. There, 38 was the maximum speed on flat without pedaling at all, again were in first gear. So the pedal is very weak anyways, so you can see Im already at maximum with this pedal. So Im just going to use the throttle again now were going up a slight Hill, so were going to take the average of 38 and whatever this is and were going to figure out whats, the fastest speed or the average speed not fastest fastest Ive gotten. This up to 46 miles an hour roughly okay, so were just about for 35 miles an hour going up a hill. So if we take the average of those, two were about 36., and here we are going up a very steep hill without pedaling at all. For the 1500 watt and Im about 170 pounds, so there we go so lets, go up the hill a little bit more and I still cant pedal because Im in first gear and were still just using assist only of a very steep hill and were still roughly 16 miles an hour lets turn back around, go back down the hill and do a final assessment of this thing and the shock is locked up front. So I, if I kept going down this hill Id hit 45 again no problem also when the brakes are engaged here, theres a little uh, exclamation point.

What that says, is you cant actually use the throttle when you have the brakes on so as soon as you take the brakes off, use the throttle, and you start going again all right lets: go back up this hill, all right, thats Parker up top under the Tree since its very hot outside today and and take another look at it, oh a little steep, a little steep. Okay, take another look at this bike, so my full assessment on this is that for the money theres, nothing better for the buck, its under two thousand dollars, 1500 watt, fully brushless quiet, as can be its also, not technically legal, on the road. Unless you leave it down 750 watts or less depending on your area or country, or anything about that, I believe that this bike is still upgradable and it still has very good potential to be one of the better e bikes hybrids for mountain bike style. Its not very heavy either considering. I thought this thing was going to weigh over 100 pounds its about 90 pounds, even though my 750 e bike is about 78 pounds, so not much heavier for that big battery and not too bad. So one last thing Im going to show you is to turn it off. You just turn the key or turn this off up here then, to take the battery out, you push in spin and then this whole mechanism comes out. Heres your battery right there so yeah there.

She is the osteer motor 1500 watt bike. Hope you enjoyed this video like or subscribe for some more content and well see in the next one.


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