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The E-Bike First-Class, Comfort Upgrade is Here!

EBC is a community.

A community of electric bike-loving riders dedicated to getting the most out of the cruise.

We see you. And we listen.

This is how we know how you love a comfortable ride… our answer is our very own EBC suspension seat post.

We don’t blame you! Suspension seat posts change the game when it comes to comfort.

The added travel length means a smoother ride resulting in no riding-induced back or saddle soreness.

And no pain means more riding time!

You’re welcome.

Upgrade your comfort and ride for longer with our brand new suspension seat post.

EBC’s Suspension Seatpost has been engineered, tested, and built for YEARS of comfort and performance!

The unique design allows for small bump compliance with a total of 50mm travel.

Minimal maintenance and long-term durability are what this seat post is all about.

The stats & facts (basically how we made it so good)

  • Stainless steel bushings
  • 25mm offset saddle clamp
  • Preload adjustable
  • Internal coil spring for the ultimate in comfort
  • Side clamp has a radial detent with wide tilt adjustment range
  • Weight: 765g
  • 7mm saddle rails
  • Seatpost clamp: Diameter 30mm

And you didn’t think we’d have it in only one color? We’re the Electric Bike Company! The suspension seat post is available in black or silver, to suit your design aesthetic and trim color of choice!

Buy your brand new seat post solo or during the building and customized design stage today!

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