The go-anywhere Raleigh Motus ebike has a model to suit everybody and looks like great value for money

Raleigh is still probably the biggest bike brand in the UK, in terms of name recognition; anyone above a certain age will remember growing up riding Raleigh bikes, or wanting to do so. Even though there are far more rival brands these days…and the bikes are no longer made in Britain… and the company is owned by the Dutch, Raleigh remains popular and fondly regarded here. 

Raleigh had a lot of success back in 2019 with the Motus hybrid ebike range and today sees the launch of the new and improved Motus line. Since 2019, a lot has happened, to put it diplomatically. Today, electric bikes are far more popular and in demand than they were all those 3 years ago, so these new Motus bikes are likely to be a big hit. These are not the kind of outright cheap ebikes that I’ve been writing about in the last year or so, but they do give you a lot of features for your £2,000 or so. 

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