The Lowdown On The Global COVID Slowdown

In the midst of a global pandemic, there’s an interesting phenomenon occurring: e-bike sales are soaring!

When we say we’re selling out weekly—we mean it!

We’ve seen some come to SONDORS because their gyms are still closed, others because they want to avoid public transportation altogether. But mostly, we’re seeing something beautiful: a craving for simple pleasures like feeling the wind against our faces and a desire for freedom and exploration…a reawakening of that little kid inside.

Whatever the individual motivations may be, e-bike sales are off the charts around the world! In the first two months of the pandemic, more than a million passenger flights were cancelled—and in the process, so, too, was the primary means by which most postal packages were shipped. Social distancing and lockdown measures have driven consumers online, and as a result, e-commerce has been growing at an explosive rate. More sales yet fewer delivery flights.

Even the World Trade Organization has taken note by saying, “Manufacturing in many economies came to a halt as a result of the lockdowns, thereby resulting in a decrease in production and labor shortages in many countries.” The excitement of knowing more people are riding e-bikes has been tempered for us because we’re unquestionably experiencing some slow downs in our supply chain and shipping processes. There was an article recently in The New York Times entitled, “Thinking of Buying a Bike? Get Ready for a Very Long Wait.”

Rest assured, all of us here at SONDORS have been working day and night to bring you the best electric transportation at the best prices possible, and to deliver e-bikes as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We don’t mind rolling up our sleeves and putting in the extra time and work, because life is truly a ride, and we’re committed to ensuring that you love your ride!

While the journey of getting your e-bike to you may be slower than any of us would like, we also know that some things are worth the wait—like your SONDORS!

Right now, we have Autumn shipping right around the corner and the best thing you can do to secure your SONDORS is to reserve your new ride with $299 now*.

We look forward to bringing you many days ahead of unlimited smiles per an hour. Now go get your ride!


*$299 deposit fully refundable if you choose not to complete your purchase. Otherwise, $299 goes toward the final purchase price.

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