The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 107 – How (And Why) Did You Start Mountain Biking?

 Well I didn’t actually listen to this podcast, and I don’t actually remember not riding a bike. I do recall my first mountain bike tho. I was living in the prairies at the time with my then girlfriend. We decided to purchase a couple of bikes to give us something to do. I bought a Norco Bigfoot (full rigid, even had BioPace!) she got a Marin of some sort. Anyhoooooo, there wasn’t too many mountains where we resided, but there was a lot of trails near or beside the rivers that flowed through our fine city. I was hooked.

Fast forward a couple years and I am now living in Banff. I didn’t have a lot of money to purchase a new bike, and the Norco was long gone, but I did manage to scrape together enough parts to assemble another full rigid mountain bike. I was soon biking around as much as possible and met a whole group of like people who all had “fancy” bikes complete with a front shock. Whaaaat? This fueld the fire and I finally managed to save up enough scratch to acquire a used Ritchey. Still no front shock, but it was a lot nicer than the parts bike I put together. I loved that bike and it took me from Canmore to Banff of the back side of Mt.Rundle more times than I can count.

Skip ahead a few more years to the early 90’s and I am now living in North Vancouver. HOLY MOLY, this is where it REALLY starts for me. Those trails were like nothing I’ve ever seen or even imagined. I soon purchased what I would call my first “real” MTB (it was a Kona Munimula (which actually took me a few months to realize that Munimula was aluminum spelled backwards, lol). It was my first bike with a shock, and I road the snot out of it on as many trails and features I could survive on the shore. I had a blast finally and considered myself a “real” mountain biker.

Skip ahead a few more years and I am now married, got two kids, and living in Squamish of all places. I finally got my hands on a beautiful gleaming white second hand full suspension downhill Rockey Mountain and was riding as much as possible. I also scored a hard tail Specialized Comp that I would ride around on with my kids. During this time I even started racing BMX with one of my kids. No joke. I used my MTB background to win a few races. I remember winning first race in fact. It was against a six year old girl on a run bike, and it was pretty close, but points are points. Bahahaha.

Skip ahead a few more years (yes, I am old) and I am now residing on the Sunshine Coast. This was such an amazing time for me regarding riding. I was riding the B&K and Sprockids every three days or so (weather permitting or not). Then my little guy demanded we go to Coast Gravity Park. Enter the time of shuttles. How could we not have done this sooner? We were hooked again, and suitable gravity approved bikes were soon acquired. This costly acquisition lead to costly family oriented road trips to other bike parks around BC. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Not done yet. Skip ahead a couple more years and I am now in a new relationship with a woman who has just bought her first MTB last year, is just as excited about ridding as I am, and we ride the local trails as much as possible. I just love her enthusiasm and really dig watching her progress (she hasn’t ridden a bike in twenty years, so pretty awesome!).

So, now I am 52, recovering from shoulder surgery, have four bikes that I am currently not riding, and can’t wait to get back in the saddle to ride with family and friends.

It’s been an amazing and fortunate ride thus far. Mountain biking has kept me healthy (physically and mentally) and I intend to keep riding until I cannot.

See you out there!

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