The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 89 – The Derailleur Pickle

@mikelevy I would certainly such as a brief conversation of you customers’ point of views on what “climbing up effectiveness” in fact is. On tracks, a minimum of, not fire roadways. I have actually gotten on a bad anarchical pound for a pair years and also singletrack climbing is all right, however not fantastic (although Kazimer composed “There’s marginal excessive suspension motion, however when confronted with harsh ground the suspension remains energetic and also flexible, that makes it much easier to maintain the back wheel adhered to the path instead of jumping and also skittering about on complicated climbs up” – a sight I do not share). I took a demonstration stumpjumper out and also was amazed by just how well it climbed up. It was superb. I simply obtained a propain tyee, which is a great mountain climber per pinkbike testimonial, and also I am underwhelmed with its uphill capability.
So what is it that is “reliable”? The wickedness has all the antisquat worldwide, and also does not really feel fantastic on singletrack climbs up. The stumpjumper has reduced antisquat and also has boundless grip rather, making it very comfy and also sprightly. The Tyee is someplace in between both.

In my point of view, when climbing up over challenges, I desire the suspension to take the whole hit and also the saddle to stagnate an inch. 100% grip, 100% convenience. Is this a disadvantage of high antisquat, and also would certainly I after that manage much better with a bike with reduced antisquat on the climbs up? As well as is this sight reverse of what you testers like in an “reliable” bike?

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