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Tell us about the rest of your setup. What are some of the favorites in your gear closet?

I have really small feet so I wear women’s snowboard boots and my bindings are a hybrid between a women’s bottom and a men’s highback. I call it the Frankenstein binding. For the helmet, I’m running the POC helmet—gotta keep the brain safe. I’ve always been an advocate of helmets since I was very young, so you won’t catch me out on the mountain without one—ever.

For outerwear, I’m gonna be running the Backcountry Cottonwood or Cardiac kits, depending on the conditions or the day—you can’t go wrong there. And underneath that, I have the Backcountry thermals. When you’re in Colorado or under the lights at night in the X Games, it gets really cold.

Why are you stoked to rep the Goat?

The word says it all. GOAT. Greatest Of All Time. Yes, I’m representing Backcountry snowboarding, but Backcountry as a whole means so much more. So many different sports, so many different communities, and they’re just bringing all these different demographics into one company. Representing the Goat means so much more than just representing their snowboarding side. You’re part of something bigger. 

Do you do any freeriding or backcountry splitboarding in between tricks?

When I’m not training in the halfpipe, you’ll catch me out on the mountain with my friends, hitting jumps and doing turns all over the mountain. I’m a firm believer that going out there and having fun and riding different terrain makes you a better snowboarder. I also can’t pass up a good powder day, whether it’s inbounds or I’m snowmobiling with friends. 

Do you switch up your setup when you’re not in the park?

If I’m riding the same board as I do in the halfpipe, I’ll move my stance back, giving my board more nose and less tail so it’ll float a little more. If it’s a really deep day or if it’s a super slushy spring day on the mountain, I’ll occasionally rock a powder board, which is very directional with a really big nose. It’s very similar to a surfboard. Those days are some of the funnest days on the mountain, because you’re out there just doing slashes and having a good time.

“Representing the Goat means so much more than just representing their snowboarding side. You’re part of something bigger.”

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