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Whether you’re heading out for some late-season hunts or you’re a winter warrior who doesn’t let a little snow slow you down, Bakcou fat-tire eBikes are sure to handle the elements. Before you head out for your winter ride, we recommend checking out our blog on How to Ride Your eBike in the Winter. This blog is full of great insights to help you prepare yourself and your bike for a cold winter ride. One area that we want to take an in-depth look at is keeping your bike running optimally during these extra cold rides, especially your battery.

Like any machinery, your eBike is going to be affected by the temperature that it is operating in, and it can be crucial to keep the weather in mind when you set out on a winter adventure.

Without getting too deep into the finer details of the chemistry of lithium-ion batteries and how they’re affected at different temperatures, it’s necessary to keep in mind that you don’t want to run a cold battery. When you operate at colder temperatures, the temperature of the lithium-ion cells can vary, and there could be some cells at a high temperature and some that stay at a lower temp. The battery management system (BMS) sees this variation in temperatures as an internal issue and shuts the battery off to protect the cells.

Being an unavoidable issue in colder temperatures and knowing that a large portion of hunting season falls in the winter months, our team at Bakcou knew we had to develop a solution to ensure the cold weather won’t slow our riders down. Enter the Bakcou Thermal Battery Jacket.

The Thermal Battery Jacket is an insulated battery jacket with a heating element and wraps around the bike battery (like a jacket). Batteries should maintain a core temperature of 50-75°F for optimal performance. The battery jacket helps keep the battery from malfunctioning at lower temperatures by helping maintain the temperature of the individual lithium-ion cells.

You may be wondering how the Thermal Battery Jacket works. The battery jackets are pretty straightforward, and setup is a breeze. As previously mentioned, the heating element works to maintain the temperature of the internal lithium-ion cells within an optimal range of 50-75°F. In addition to controlling the temperature, the Thermal Battery Jacket is made of a water-repelling fabric to help keep your battery dry in wet conditions.

To give power to the battery jacket, you can plug it into a small, portable power bank, like the Bakcou Battery Bank, or plug it directly into the USB port on the bike battery. We recommend the smaller battery bank to preserve the power level of your bike battery.

For optimal performance, you should turn the battery jacket on about 10 minutes before heading out for your ride to give the battery some time to warm up. The heating element is intended to warm up the battery and should not be powered on while riding, except for the first few minutes of your ride while the battery reaches an optimal operating temperature. When the outside temperature drops below 50°F, we recommend leaving the Thermal Battery Jacket on the battery in a powered-off state. Remove the battery jacket when the outside temperature rises over 50°F. If you are spending a day out in the field or hunkered down in your treestand or blind on an icy cold day, we recommend keeping the battery jacket on the battery with the heating element on the lowest setting.

If you plan on using your Bakcou eBike during the colder winter months, we highly recommend a Thermal Battery Jacket to keep you riding. The battery jackets protect your battery against the lower temperatures that can cause a drop in battery efficiency and potentially have long-term effects on the longevity of your battery. Bakcou has solved the issue of low-temperature impacts on lithium-ion batteries with our Thermal Battery Jackets.

Have any other questions regarding the Thermal Battery Jackets? Let us know in the comments or send us an email at [email protected].

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