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Thinking about a Valentine’s Gift

Are you still worrying about Valentine’s Day gifts? Why not get him/her an e-bike? Compare to flowers or chocolates, bicycles are more practical and last longer.

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If you’re looking to buy an e-bike for that special person in your life, now is the time!

Tip: Get orders in on or before February 14th .

You will get 100$ Off when you buy two ebikes Plus get Free Shipping to 48 States.

Plus two free foldable bike locks ( $99 each)

Plus free shipping to 48 states.

Discount code:BUYTWO

Of course, you can also get 50$ Off if you buy one e-bike

Plus one foldable bike lock for free( $99 each)

Plus free shipping to 48 states.

Discount code: BUYONE

Come and choose your beloved Valentine’s Day gift below!

What Prize:

  • Camel Women 26″
  • $739.00
  • Elegance
  • $729.00
  • Classic
  • $859.00
  • Camel Men 26″
  • $739.00

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