three models for cycling enthusiasts

e-bike’s & rebeld


multidisciplinary artist pablo baranoff dorn has partnered with rebeld to form three e-bike series including ‘FIXIE’, ‘URBAN’ and ‘MTB’. these models are made for bike enthusiasts from city cyclists to off-road lovers. the frame in all the designs was based on the shimano steps e8000. but to make it even more unique, the designer worked the front fork — of the first two series — with a very particular decal set that depicts the famous smiley emoji, and a custom emoji made by himself to highlight the two-color of the rebeld brand, red and yellow. the third series comes in a rather bolder look for off-road tours.

meet 'e-bike's & rebeld': three models for cycling enthusiasts
FIXIE series

all images by pablo baranoff dorn x rebeld



for all the kinds of bike lovers 


e-bike’s & rebeld‘ is a three model series: B-01 ‘FIXIE’, B-02 ‘URBAN’ and B-03 ‘MTB’, all belonging to the e-bike market. the drop bar-style classic ‘FIXIE’ mixes a classic road stem and handlebar for those who love the classic stem and long handlebar, accompanied with the seat san marco classic regal evo, rear race wheels hulkwheels carbon and front wheels solomone cavalli. 


for lovers of a stylish e-bike in a city terrain, comes the B-02 series. this model has an in-tube battery but carries on the same front design as the ‘FIXIE’, as well as the front luggage rack. the frame is a continuous flow of the lines from the series B-01, more stubborn to change mobility and adapt. B-03 e-bike series made for off-road tours adopts a more aggressive look. pure red and white touches come in contrast to the black frame, making it stand out. this second decal design has a more severe identity to its brand, ‘deep into its lines, the frame seems to grab on the design, union, and sport of work, spirit, and fun.’meet 'e-bike's & rebeld': three models for cycling enthusiasts

meet 'e-bike's & rebeld': three models for cycling enthusiasts

URBAN series

meet 'e-bike's & rebeld': three models for cycling enthusiasts


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