Thule Chariot Cab 2, review after 3 years with ebike

After two years, two years ago, weve been riding this uh secret Wagner its called thin Swedish, and this is the bicycle we want to move out Now we move out foreign Music, foreign, okay Applause, foreign Music, moving its a little bit small for the oldest. This is six and a half years old. The little is three and a half years old, so its on the limit. Okay, we need to adjust this one a little bit up: Music, okay, okay. She should perfect its a little bit tight for both okay. Okay, now foreign, and then they can draw it a little bit, make it to it, not too much to it a little bit tight good. This one is Maybe needs to move it it just the height of the child. Okay, then we close this windshield and these are the a spacers for the ventilation, because we have this the nylonis sitting like this, and we have this ventilation Gap here. So air can go in then we close it like this. There are also some ventilation ventilation holes down here which can close close from here. So here you can its a little bit dirty here, but it could be moved and closed, but I recommend it to be open and the good thing is can be used during the rainy days and still you get some fresh air from this Gap inside and then Here there is uh this brick liner. They look like this, but you cant recline it like this for a sleep for a sleeping children and we put it in the middle – and here is there – is some ventilation holes, so the air can go out here.

We can there is some place to put things. This is for the sun protecting Sun Music. You can put here its really big the trunk here. We have some food here and then they can uh. They cant get everything from here see this is really nice. So when youre riding children themselves can get their stuff from the trunk – and here is uh also open, but the water does not go in really good combination. So I bring the bicycle: connect the bicycle here: its really heavy Applause, foreign, interesting mechanism. Its got a really high freedom degree lock it here. Okay, perfect Down Under battery yeah, see the setup. Children are reading books, theyre, really love it, its really cozy there its relaxed. They have water food everything its warm there. They can see everything now time to go Applause, foreign to the shopping together with the children and a beautiful day. Today, Applause, nature Applause; they actually started creating the sandwiches Applause, foreign Applause after 10, minutes of riding its. So beautiful today, Sunny February day, you feel the spring is coming, and here we are and uh the children are enjoying the ride. We have a bird singing Applause Applause, foreign. I see a lot of dirt on the Six Flags and Im going to put my shopping here inside the trunk says really big space here, of course, the reclines it takes some space, but if you put it back into its original position, you get more space.

Double the space, probably so, its totally protected during rain some wind, and now we are going to move on they.


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