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Tips for Riding an Electric Fat Bike in the Snow! – Rize Bikes

If you’ve ever thought riding an e-bike is an activity only for the warm weather months, think again! Snowy rides can be a totally new frontier for you and your electric fat bike. While riding in the snow will offer you some amazing ride opportunities, it also poses some unique challenges that you must be ready to confront both before, during, and after your ride. Read on to learn some tips that will make snow riding as easy, safe, and fun as possible! 


There are a few key things you can do before bringing your ebike out into the snow that will make for a better, safer ride. First, be sure your battery (and any spares you plan on bringing with you) is fully charged. And, some e-bike aficionados recommend topping off your electric bike battery just before taking it out into the snow. A good tip for any time you take your e-bike for a ride, including a ride in the snow, is to do a full assessment of the bike and all its parts in advance. For example, be sure the tires have enough air, the chain is lubricated, and ensure everything is in working order. Not only will this make your riding experience better, but you can also help protect yourself from being stuck in the cold with future headaches. One of the most important cold weather riding tips is to make sure your battery and the e-bike itself are warm before you take it out to ride. A warm e-bike is better suited for efficient riding, and a warm battery is more likely to have a fuller capacity than a cold one. Finally (and this might sound obvious, so please bear with us), dress and pack for the occasion. Layer up, don cold-weather gear, bring a set of dry clothes, and consider packing some safety gear, like a collapsible shovel, first aid kit, or snacks. Safety is paramount here, and planning ahead will make it simple to bring everything you need along for your ride.

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