Top 5 Commuting Tips For Beginners

But what to do now?

A question asked by every beginner of the commuter electric bike community followed by many more. Where to begin? What accessories to buy? Who to consult? Which lock works best? What safety gear to consider?

Well, worry no more because there are only five basic tips that you need to keep in mind. Keep them in mind, you and your commuter electric bike will most definitely be happy.

Tip # 01: Take Your Electric Bikes Slow

Slow and steady wins the race. The same goes for adult electric bikes for commuting.

If you believe that you can buy an electric commuter bike today and start commuting tomorrow, then you are in for a surprise. An unpleasant one at that, unfortunately. However, fortunately, all it takes is a bit of patience.

First off, familiarize yourself with the controls of your electric bikes one by one. The numerous gears alongside multiple strands of electrical assistance can be a tad bit too much. At the start at least or unless you are fine with a bit of challenge.

However, we know most of you would wish for a smooth and even more enjoyable journey. Technically everyone does. This is why we suggest that you read the manual that comes with your electric bikes.

From riding to components, everything is dealt with ten times over. That’s what manuals are for. Take your time, practice the controls, and when in doubt, ask the E-bike community. They are all wonderful people willing to help.

Tip # 02: Pick The Best First Day For Your Electric Bikes

You have the controls memorized and you took your time too. That is wonderful! Now take your commuter electric bike on its first journey. Question is, when and where?

Our answer: walk before you run and run before you leap.

Choose a day that is neither too hot nor too cold when the weather forecast is dry, and rush at the minimum. The last thing you want is to make your first ride on an electric commuter bike a stressful one. The best would be a day in the middle of autumn or spring.

Even more, the day should be calm with little wind. We say this because even a moderate headwind can make your ride stop as if you were climbing a steep uphill. In other words, the wind is much more noticeable when riding than walking.

Tip # 03: Get Your Electric Bikes Proper Locks

The last thing you want is to have such a crucial investment be wasted away into something as menial as theft. After all, electric bikes are all the craze these days. They fetch quite the price in the market for any willing to sell.

But not to worry as there is no need for alarm. We were not trying to scare you, merely emphasizing the importance of locks that come with adult electric bikes for commuting. Of course, locks are not invincible.

Is that not the entire purpose of their existence? To be invincible and protect our precious electric bikes? No, not really.

No lock is unpickable and no lock is unbreakable. Just as life finds a way, so does the one desperate for an edge. However, what a lock, a proper lock at that, will do is buy you time to react defensively and discourage thieves away from your property.

Tip # 04: Don’t Fall Victim To The Tire Pressure Trap

Just as is the case with cars, check the tire pressure of your commuter electric bikes regularly. You can do this with a pressure gauge that gives an accurate measurement, or perhaps you could simply feel out the tire. Simply give it a pinch.

Note: the tire is supposed to feel hard and firm.

Don’t do this and you will be reducing the lifespan of your electric commuter bike. Low pressure can pose the danger of significant long-term damage, not to mention how expensive replacing components of your electric bike can be.

Even more, the journey would be unnecessarily hard. As if your tires are stuck on the ground. Don’t let your tires get stuck to the ground.

Tip # 05: Safety First

Common words yes? It is these words that ensure that every product has set safety regulations to govern it, including the necessary gear. Commuter electric bikes are no exception.

Safety comes in two forms:

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