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” Tring Tring, can I surpass please?” You might discover a pleasant motorcyclist from the Tring Tring distribution firm screaming this at you in Amsterdam, Haarlem or Utrecht. Tring Tring runs a multitude of electrical freight bikes with a cooled box in these cities. Not vans, since they’re not environmentally-friendly. “Cities are for staying in, as well as not as a throughroute for thousands of diesel vans,” is the company sight of Roel Mos, proprietor of Tring Tring.

Cities are for staying in

” So we move our items on electrical freight bikes. It is therefore usually preferable that they are carried cooled. A couple of years ago that was not yet feasible on a freight bike, so we collaborated with Urban Arrowhead to create a cooled box. Currently we can provide a maximum solution to our consumers. By utilizing the bikes, fragile items such as blossoms are just en route for a brief duration as well as get to the recipient in maximum problem. And also the transport is likewise totally lasting.” Have a look below at the lasting tale of bike distribution service Tring Tring.

Tring Tring|Roel Mos|Proprietor & & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER|Amsterdam, Haarlem & & Utrecht, NL|tringtring.nl|Urban Arrowhead Freight XL Coolbox

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