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UNI MK: The perfect Van-Life Companion

July 30, 2020

Living in a van or simply going camping is THE new trend! It’s not only a way of vacationing, it’s a lifestyle. Just like the UNI MK!

Checking our beloved community of 204 riders, we often see van life content with campers using the UNI MK as their everyday vehicle. To be honest, we are part of the pack. Let’s see why.

electric bike can life uni mk

Why do you need an electric bike for your van-life?

When you go camping in a van, you already own a car, right? So, would you actually need another vehicle?! That’s simple: The van is your home. You do not want to tidy it up every day to go on tour and find a new spot to camp every night. So, another vehicle comes in handy. Furthermore, on a bike, you are able to discover your surroundings in a different way than by just driving in your car. The experience gets more real and more detailed. Just try it!

What kind of bike do you need for your van-life?

1. If you are living in a van (or a tent), space is an issue. Usually, you don’t have much of it.

2. All the same, you need to transport a lot of things. You, the ones you are traveling with and your belongings + equipment.  You might go to the sea for a swim or simply grocery shopping. There is always something you need to carry.

3. Most vans also can go off-road. So the bike you have with you, should be able to do the same, right?

electric bike van life urbandrivestyle

Why the UNI MK is the perfect electric bike for your van-life?

The UNI MK is a small and sturdy bike. It fits perfectly into our small VW T2 van. At the same time, our whole family fits just onto ONE bike. Ossian and I plus our 9-year-old daughter. We only need the long bike seat and two pairs of pegs. Once we add the pannier bag adapters and the front-rack we even could ride all three AND add two bags: the swimming gear on the front and the groceries on the side.  And then, there’s the off-road capability. It might get bumpy sometimes – especially without front suspension – but the UNI MK gets you anywhere you want! Never mind sand, potholes, gravel, or dirt roads. Just keep on riding!

Apparently, we are not the only ones who appreciate these incredible capabilities of our UNI MK. In the end, that’s what it was built for! 😉 

uni mk van life electric bike

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UNI MK van bike - a ride for 3.

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