The latest update mainly offers new features for Nyon – e.g., a new screen shows which savings are possible by using your eBike instead of your car.

A new setting option lets you decide whether or not to use automatic route recalculation – if you deviate from the planned route, the route is automatically recalculated. You can now disable this feature in the Nyon settings.

All updates at a glance


New features:

  • Savings Screen: If you want to find out how much you could save by choosing to use your eBike instead of a car, check out the info on the new Savings Screen. This is activated in the screen management settings. You can also see a comparison of the current and previous weeks, or choose a different currency in the settings.
  • Assisted GNSS: The connection between Nyon and your smartphone can significantly improve the quality and precision of the satellite connection. That means you can enjoy a faster start to your next guided tour, and smooth and precise tracking of your activity.
  • Start fast: Find your next route in the eBike Connect app, tap on “Start route on Nyon” and you’re good to go. Your planned route is automatically transferred to Nyon and you can start your navigation.
  • Follow the initial plan: If you just want to follow the route you initially planned, you now have the possibility to disable automatic re-routing on Nyon.
  • A scale on the map: While zooming or panning on the map screen, Nyon will show a scale indication, to help you determine the current zoom level.
  • The time-zone is set automatically via the GNSS signal.


  • More assistance: The two-stages walk assistance is now active for 10 seconds. The active support status is displayed as a green bar indicator.
  • Introduction screens: Besides touch, you can also use the remote control unit to browse through the introduction screens on your Nyon.
  • Optimized algorithms – for more accurate altitude and ascend values.
  • General improvements in stability and performance.



  • More assistance: The two-stages walk assistance is now active for 10 seconds.
  • Optimized startup time.
  • General improvements in stability and performance.

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