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Utilizing the show? Straightforward

E-bike controller


From a management standpoint, the handlebar-mounted show and controller is the only greatest distinction between your Cost e-bike and a standard bike. The show offers you essential journey knowledge together with velocity and miles to go, in addition to help degree, miles to go and battery cost standing. You may as well change the help degree, use the horn, or interact the stroll help mode.

Metropolis & Consolation

e-bike tips
1. Improve energy
2. On/Off/Mode
3. Lower energy
4. Present energy
5. Velocity
6. Battery
7. Horn
8. Throttle

Wish to be taught extra? Watch video – City & Comfort – Operating the electric assist.


Using an ebikes
1. Improve energy / Toggle menu
2. Menu entry
3. Lower energy / Toggle menu
4. On/Off
5. Battery
6. Present energy mode
7. Shifting recommendation
8. Velocity

Wish to be taught extra? Watch video – XC – Operating the electric assist.

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