Visibility for your company with a business bike

Forget about all marketing stunts and social media promotions. Do you want to create more visibility for your company? Then go for a business bike! With a Babboe business bike you not only transport your goods in a busy city, but you also (indirectly) put your company name in the spotlight.

You’ve probably seen them gliding by. You see the Babboe Pro cargo bike more and more in the streets. More and more local entrepreneurs are using the business bike to transport cargo and provide services in a busy city. After all, a cargo bike is ideal for improving your last mile delivery. But did you know that you can also use the business bike as a means of advertising?

Box stickers or wraps?

The Babboe Pro cargo bike can act as an advertising medium for your company. E.g. you can equip the business bike with box stickers with the logo or the name of your own company. It is possible to create your own design, so you can advertise your company in a simple way.

If you prefer a trike, you can choose between the Babboe Pro Trike or the Babboe Pro Trike XL. With the Babboe Pro Trike XL, you can cover the sides of the box and with the Babboe Pro Trike you can cover all the panels of the box. If you prefer a two-wheeler, you can opt for the Babboe Pro Bike. With this cargo bike, you can also cover the sides of the box.

Do you want to equip your business bike entirely with advertising? Then you can also choose to wrap your cargo bike. When wrapping you can also glue all panels of the Babboe Pro Trike XL and the Babboe Pro Bike. At Babboe we are happy to help you order the ideal box stickers. Contact us if you have any questions? Then one of our colleagues will help you further.

Visibility with your business bike

As soon as your business bike appears on the street, your cargo bike immediately serves as a free means of advertising for your company. When you cycle past people with your business bike, they come into contact with your company. Maybe even for the second or third time. And the more often the bike passes by, the faster everyone will remember your company name. Especially when you come to people’s homes with your cargo bike, e.g. to carry out a job or to deliver an order.

In addition to bicycles, you can also choose to place your business bike with its stickers in front of your store. When people walk past your store, they immediately come into contact with your eye-catching advertising. Visibility is guaranteed!

Convinced, but want to find out what it is like riding a Babboe Pro cargo bike? Then we would like to invite you to come and test one of our cargo bikes.

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