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Weapon Backer Tim’s Temecula Test Ride – FLX Bike

“It overpassed my xpectations, it’s really a great bike.” 

– Weapon X Backer Tim

Itching to get out of the office for some riding,

I sent some emails out to our Socal Weapon Backers…

Tim jumped at the chance to test ride the Weapon X with me on his local trails.

👇 See how the Weapon fared below!👇 

Tim said it best 

If you’re into riding,

Why not get a high end bike like the Weapon?

Tim loves it, we love it – 

and you’re gonna love it too

If you order today, you can get it for half of the retail price

So Click the link below to order yours today! 


We love you,

Rob and Team FLX



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