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Now, the women can move into the spring racing season with more confidence, better fitness, and a deeper sense of togetherness than ever before. And their collective success will extend far beyond the team they ride on. A successful season could translate to more personal and team successes, which will bring more attention to women’s cycling, which will help set an example for other young women, and ultimately continue the cycle of a better, stronger, more flourishing environment for women’s cycling.

Until then, these women can dream even bigger dreams. Dreams of epic wins, of exploring the world with their teammates and friends. Dreams of where and how they want to spend their lives.

“Spending time with my teammates, having lots of laughs, and getting a sense of what it’s like to be a pro cyclist has been really special,” says JRC rider Ruby Oakes.

“I so want to live in Girona one day.”

Want to keep up with the team? Get acquainted with the up-and-coming athletes and tag along on all of their adventures at @jrc_interflon on Instagram.

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