What makes L1 Egret so various than any kind of various other DYU E-Bike

Electric bikes are various in numerous means: look, dimension, battery ability, product, weight, max lots, gas mileage, electric motor power, wise control, and so on

DYU is never ever material with the status, has actually been creating brand-new items to offer consumers with brand-new items at all times. And also this brand-new technique electrical bike DYU L1 Elgret is completely various than any kind of various other DYU E-bike. However in which method? Allow’s have a look with each other.

Key Distinction

  • Look: A brand-new style that obtains motivation from Egret was taken on in L1, which is totally various in look from the typical items. L1’s look is much more trendy as well as out coming.
  • Battery ability: The spirit of all-electric bikes is the battery. The L1’s battery is 12.5 AH as well as detachable as well as rechargeable, as well as it’s just 4kg! It permits us to change the battery much more conveniently.
  • Gas Mileage: DYU L1 have DTST smart formula that can run 10 even more miles. Select the ideal setting to ride, you can also attain the very best gas mileage of 100km!
  • Electric Motor Power: The L1 electric motor is 40V400W this time around. Because we had some consumers desire big electric motors, after that we make it! The L1’s electric motor is biggest than any kind of various other DYU E-bike prior to. It offers even more power to this electrical bike makes it can conveniently assert up capital!

No requirement for various other elegant words, DYU L1 Egret deserves owning.

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