What Kind Of Pump Functions on My SWAGTRON Hoverboard, Electric Bike as well as Electric Mobility Scooter?– Swagtron

We strive to see to it our SWAGTRON ® electric bikes, electric scooters, as well as hoverboards are not just enjoyable however likewise simple to keep as well as high up on benefit. That’s why our eBikes, electrical mobility scooters as well as, hoverboards are fitted with air-filled tires utilizing Schrader shutoffs.

These shutoffs resemble the shutoffs discovered on your cars and truck tires. It was necessary to us that you would certainly have the ability to go anywhere that had a common air pump as well as have the ability to re-fill your tires with no additional inconvenience. Our eBikes as well as electrical mobility scooters can be filled up at the majority of filling station, showing off products stores, as well as some regional shops.

Closeup of guy using a bike pump on their bike tire.

Just How Much Air Should I Place In My Mobility scooter or eBike Tires?

The proprietor’s guidebook that featured your SWAGTRON item will certainly inform you the optimum tire stress. The sidewall of your tire will certainly have a number marked on it, as well as it will most likely be greater than the suggested stress in the proprietor’s guidebook. This is since the tire sidewall number mentions the optimal stress the tire can take care of, whereas the proprietor’s hand-operated number shows the optimum tire stress.

All SWAGTRON item handbooks can be discovered on our frequently asked question web pages or by following this web link. SWAGTRON Product Manuals.

Also after that, utilize the proprietor’s hand-operated number as an overview instead of scripture. Experiment with the tire stress till you locate one of the most comfy flight. The air in your tires might increase on warm days, so it could pay to decrease them 2-3 PSI. Considering that all physique are various, you could locate various PSIs do far better relying on body weight. Simply do not wander off as well much from the brochure suggestion, as well as particularly do not go beyond the tire-sidewall number.

Will a Bike Pump Service My SWAGTRON eScooter or eBike?

It might.

There are 2 significant type of shutoffs. We currently stated the Schrader shutoff since it’s discovered in SWAGTRON items. The various other usual shutoff kind is the Presta shutoff. Presta shutoffs were created street-style, slim wheel bike tires as well as have to do with fifty percent as large as Shrader shutoffs. They likewise do not have a check-valve pin in the facility like the Shrader shutoff.


If your bike pump is a Presta-only pump, it will not fit about your tires’ Schrader shutoffs. Fortunately is numerous modern-day bike pumps are made to solution both type of shutoffs. Consisted of in these pumps are:

  • Twin-head pumps, which include both a Presta as well as a Schrader gasket
  • Swappable-head pumps, which have a flexible gasket that can be become fit either type of shutoff
  • Adjustable-head pumps, which include a head that needs no modification. Simply press strongly on either type of shutoff as well as pump

Why Shrader Valves? Aren’t They for Cars and trucks?

Close-up of guy using gas station air pump to air-up his bicycle.

Yes, these shutoffs are for vehicles, however various other points utilize them also. We selected this shutoff for one factor, benefit. With this shutoff, you have a number of alternatives for replenishing your tires apart from bring around a pump.

A lot of the complying with areas have air pumps that sustain this shutoff, filling station air devices, showing off products stores, as well as the majority of automobile shops.

So, regardless of where you are, you will certainly constantly have regional assistance alternatives readily available for replenishing your eScooters or eBikes tires.

Simply see to it, nonetheless, you’re not coming close to the optimum stress specified on the tire sidewall when completing your tires’ air. Doing so might lead to a tire blow-out.

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