Why Electric Bikes Are So Popular: Part 1 of 3



At SONDORS, we know that the e-bike industry is changing life for the better. There are so many ways our owners have expressed to us first-hand about how their SONDORS have enriched their lives, and our world.

For the next three weeks I’m going to dive into the three MAJOR benefits, both individual and collective that I think makes SONDORS the official ride of the future.

But, before we dive in, you need to reserve your dream SONDORS A.S.A.P. to lock in Autumn Shipping. Now…I know I say this every week, but that’s because we literally sell out EVERY WEEK. So don’t miss a beat, and go get what you really want while supply lasts.

Now, let’s talk: HEALTH.

On average, people actually spend more time and travel farther on e-bikes compared to traditional bikes. The compound effects of these longer riding times and distances directly correlate with several positive health outcomes for e-bikers as shown by one of the largest biking studies ever performed tracking 10,000+ adults across seven countries.

Check out these top health benefit statistics:

Heart disease is the single leading cause of death in America regardless of sex, race, or ethnicity. What’s more, it shows little signs of slowing down. Luckily, e-biking and positive cardiovascular health are intertwined due to its innate aerobic benefits. Research shows moderate e-biking can produce the same heart-healthy effects as manual biking.

  • VO2 efficiency: E-bikers’’ VO2 levels — the amount of oxygen transported and used in the bloodstream during physical activity — is equal to those of regular cyclists.
  • Lowered blood pressure: E-bikers also lowered their blood pressure levels across the four-week study, sometimes even more so than their traditional bike counterparts.
  • Overall improved heart function: E-bikers’ heart vitals held no statistical differences from those riding a normal bike, leading researchers to view e-biking as a beneficial form of exercise.

The average bike rider’s body mass index (BMI), or calculated body fat composition compared to height and weight, is 23.8%. Comparatively, e-bike owners have been shown to hold an average BMI of 24.8%, only a single percentage point higher. Both these BMI rankings fall well within the recommendations for most healthy American adults. However, considering studies have found the average e-bike rider tends to be older (48.1 years old versus 41.4 for traditional bikers), these BMI findings are particularly positive, supporting the weight management and fat metabolism benefits of electric biking.

E-biking has also been shown to improve riders’ mental and emotional health. What’s more, these benefits are noted even in minimal e-bike usage, with ridership as low as once a week. Even short e-bike rides have been shown to:

  • Boost rider self-esteem
  • Improve stress tolerance
  • Sharpen mental acuity
  • Minimize feelings of tiredness and fatigue
  • Raise overall levels of self-reported happiness and life satisfaction

Over 28% of e-bike owners — one out of every four — report physical impairments preventing them from riding a standard pedal bike. These impairments include both physical and dexterity ailments including:

  • Knee and back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Miscellaneous musculoskeletal issues
  • Nervous system damage or impairments
  • Partial hearing or eyesight loss

These mobility-related impairments are particularly challenging — and widespread — amongst our aging community. Each renders a traditional bike unusable yet statistically contributes to the high rates of e-bike ownership among active senior citizens, who are the second-largest demographic to own an electric bike.

So, if you’re ready to grab your health by the throttle, get yourself a SONDORS and start reaping all the benefits of unlimited smiles per hour.

Next week we’ll dive into the financial and environmental benefits of e-biking, but for now, Life’s A Ride, Love Your Ride — so reserve your dream SONDORS while there’s still time for Autumn Shipping.



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