Why Electric Bikes Are So Popular: Part 2 of 3



Last week we learned all about how e-biking is good for your health, this week we’re diving into how it’s good for your wallet.

This one I’ll keep short and sweet because really, the numbers speak for themselves.

Got your calculator? 

Great. Let’s get down to brass tacks:

How much can even modest e-bike riding save your wallet? The latest industry data reveals the true dollar-per-dollar, year-per-year cost of ownership between cars and e-bikes.

Today’s four-door passenger car has an average ownership cost of $9,761 per year. That sum can be broken down into these primary yearly car expenditures:

  • Car payment average: $3,975 per year.
  • Gas and oil: $2,109 per year.
  • Vehicle-related costs: $3,677 per year.

Annual Costs of Riding An E-Bike E-bike ownership costs a fraction of what a passenger car does — in some cases as low as a few hundred dollars a year after the initial bike purchase. Use these common expenditures to determine the basis of your e-bike cost of ownership, particularly compared to owning a car, truck, or motorcycle:

  • Electric battery charging: $.04 to $.06 per charge cycle (400-500 watt-hours). Rates vary depending on your municipality’s electricity costs per kilowatt and are based on the 2019 national average of $.12 per kilowatt.
  • Annual maintenance check-up: Every six months or every 500 miles, whichever occurs first.
  • Battery maintenance and disposal: Electric bike batteries should last a few years and should not need annual replacement. Batteries should also be disposed of properly at certified locations or retailers collecting used electronics.
  • Miscellaneous expenses: Replacing e-bike parts and components like brake pads and worn tires, as well as optional biking insurance.

So, the only real question is: Are you ready for more sustainable living?

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Life’s A Ride, Love Your Ride.



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