Why Electric Bikes Are So Popular: Part 3 of 3



We’re finally here — part 3 of our Why Are Electric Bikes So Popular? series. And this is one of my favorites, because it’s truly a benefit we ALL get to share.

As a community of more than 50,000 riders across the globe, imagine the impact our community is making together, Every. Single. Day.

It’s incredible to think about. So let’s dive right in:

The environmental e-bike statistics are clear. E-biking remains one of the greenest and most cost-efficient modes of transportation available to the modern consumer, blowing other forms of transportation like cars and trucks out of the running.

Electric bikes carry a minimal carbon footprint — roughly 21 to 22 grams of CO2 per kilometer traveled — compared to other modes of modern transportation like cars, trucks and even motorcycles. For reference:

  • A traditional pedal bike nets only one gram less of CO2 emissions
  • Public transportation buses produce around 101 grams of CO2 per kilometer
  • Passenger cars produce over 271 grams of CO2 per kilometer

These figures make e-biking a serious strategy for reducing your overall carbon footprint.

At a time when fossil fuels still generate 64% of the U.S. electricity usage, even small reductions make a substantial step towards more sustainable energy models. By supporting e-bike infrastructure and social measures, the U.S. can decrease its dependence on fossil fuels and contribute to the social, economic, and environmental goals set by the U.S. Department of Energy itself for 2025, including:

  • Save American consumers over $1.7 trillion in total fuel costs
  • Reduce imports of price-fluctuating foreign fossil fuels
  • Lower our participation in the price-shock controls exerted by players in the modern fossil-fuel marketplace


A four-mile e-biking trip keeps up to 15 pounds of pollutants from entering the air. Improved air quality leads to many positive health outcomes for people and the planet, including:

  • Decreased complications from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory irritants
  • Improved mental functions, memory, and focus
  • Improved sleep
  • Stronger immune systems
  • And many other holistic wellness markers

There is no denying electric bikes are the wave of the future!

Our commitment at SONDORS is Electric For Everyone, and our vision is well on its way to being realized. And life will never be the same!


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