Winning the Himiway FB Lottery

Winning will never not be fun, much like going to your favorite theme park. Winning something you thought you never had a chance in winning is getting that 3-day VIP pass, especially when the stakes are a new Himiway ebike. Peppi Cline recently took part in Himiway’s Facebook lottery and found herself the winner of a new Himiway Zebra. We were able to catchup with Peppi to discuss her win.

Q: What was your reaction after winning and your overall reaction to the Himiway Lottery on the FB Page?

A: I was totally shocked about it! I got excited, and I was thinking, “This can’t be real. There’s no way that this could be real.” I’m still not believing that it’s true, because when you submit things like that, you don’t expect to win anything. It’s like I got a long shot, so it’s no big deal; but when I saw three of my numbers show up in order, I went, “Oh, God!” It was very surprising.

Q: Do you think it was an interesting event to participate in and would you do it again?

A: Overall, I thought it was an interesting contest. When they did the drawing on YouTube, I had completely forgot about it, so I was like, okay, that was weird. Stranger things have happened, I’m sure. I even told my husband that he should submit his mileage and just see what happens!

Q: What are you planning to do with your old Himiway after receiving your new Himiway Zebra?

A: Well, I keep thinking about that one, it’s my old one, but it’s not that old. I haven’t had it a year yet, and I still want to use it to ride around town and do the trails around where I live. Then I was thinking the zebra, since it has a longer battery life, would be great to take on the longer trips that I want to do. I had a friend tell me that I could sell them mine old one; however, the old one and I have a huge bond. We do! I’ve even gone so far that I named it because it is a beast, it even says it on the Himiway site. Since it is a beast, I named mine Behemoth.

Q: What made you choose Himiway over other eBike brands?

A: We were looking at the ebikes trying to decide which we wanted to get. We kept coming back to the Himiway one because liked the fat tires on them. We liked how sturdy they looked, and it was also in our price range. After all the reviews that we saw, it looked really good. Himiway had the better ratings out of some of the others we were looking at. With our trails that we have around here, the fat tires are better than a regular street tire. Most of our trails are dirt and rocks, which the fat tires ride better on. The little basic street tires you find on a regular bike don’t do well on those trails. Plus, they just seemed like an overall sturdy bike. Typically, before I got this, I was not a bike rider. I had a bike, but I hated the thing. I didn’t feel safe on it and I felt like I was going to fall over. Also, it was way too much work because there was no assist to it. With Himiway and the heavier weight, I like the assist that goes with it; it’s easy to use. After all this time, I’ve never had a problem with it.

Q: What is the main purpose for using your eBike?

A: I use it on our trails around town, to get me outside, get the fresh air and enjoy the sunlight. Just to getting out there and feeling the breeze. This gets me out of the house, it’s just so fun.

Q: Were you one of the first in your community to get a Himiway? What recommendations would you give to others looking to buy or switch eBikes?

A: It’s been interesting because I see lots of people riding Himiways in our town now. One passed me on the trail the other day and I’m like, dude, you’re going too slow. What’s the problem here? The Himiways are becoming very popular. We’ve had many people stop us and ask us about our bikes: where we got them from, how much they cost, and why we purchased a Himiway. We’ve actually had friends that have taken ours out for a ride, then they go home and order their own. They’re in love with them. We did see another guy that had his [Himiway] up on a trail, which he had had his for four or five years and was pushing 8000 miles on his bike. He loves that thing. He said anywhere from 20 to 30 miles a day. This was like our second time out of the house, and it was like, okay, we’ve got less than 30 miles on ours. We were talking to the guy he said it was the best purchase he had ever made. So now we are thinking, yes, we’re along those lines.

Q: Himiway aims to empower Himi riders to move freely and enjoy exhilarating experiences through our products. On a scale of 1-10, how well do you feel Himiway has accomplished this?

A: I’m thinking it’s a ten. To me, people are getting out and they’re riding more, you see a lot more people outside. With our trails here, if you do all of them in one day, you’re going to go 30 miles. When I’m out there, I typically see five or six ebikes, depending on the time that I’m riding. So I can see that Himiway is doing a great job in promoting [their bikes] and trying to get them out there for people.

Q: What experiences have you had while riding your Himiway? Any fun stories you’d like to share?

A: I recently took my bike to Denver visiting some relatives who also have Himiways. We went for a 30 miles bike ride and went to parts of Denver I had never seen before. The bike went up and down hills, and we were riding along with no concerns whatsoever. It was like one of the most impressive rides we had been on. We went 30 miles, and I got back to their house and still had two bars left on the battery; I’m like, okay, we could still go another ten more miles.

Q: What kind of social media campaigns are you interested in participating in?

I’ve entered the drawings that Himiway has done before has, and I actually won a saddlebag from them about six months ago. All I did was send a picture of my bike somewhere, and I ended up winning a saddlebag. Those kinds of contests get people really interested in the Himiway bikes. It’s just a matter of getting more people out there riding bikes, riding the Himiway bikes, and they will get people interested. That has happened to my husband, where he works people see his bike, and it’s like, “Okay, let’s go get ours.”

After talking with Peppi, it was clear how much she not only enjoys her Himiway, but also how much she enjoys the Himiway community overall. Riding is fun, but riding with friends is better. Join our Himiway community today and look out for our upcoming lotteries, contests, and drawings for chances to win prizes and share your experiences with your community!

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