Your Very first Flight at the Velodrome

You have actually obtained a new dealt with equipment bike, and also you prepare to provide riding at the velodrome a shot. It looks amazing, yet perhaps likewise daunting and also puzzling – where do you begin? Look into our overview to beginning riding the track.

What is a velodrome?

A velodrome (from the French “velo” (bike) is a track for competing bikes, usually constructed with high, banked contours. Since this writing, there have to do with 20 velodromes in the United States, and also a lot more worldwide.

Your tools

To ride the velodrome, you’ll require a taken care of equipment bike – with a solitary equipment that does not freewheel (no coasting). This implies when the bike remains in activity, your pedals are also. You will not be enabled to ride the velodrome with brakes – rather, you’ll utilize your legs to slow down the bike, and also utilize the financial to assist regulate your rate too.

A lot of velodromes likewise need that you bike have a strong back axle (no fast launches). If you do not have a suitable bike, the majority of velodromes use loaner or rental bikes.


Riding the velodrome is various from riding on the road or path. You do not have brakes, the rates can be high, and also bike handling is essential. Your regional velodrome club or organization can give you with an intro, normally hung on a non-race day when the track is open for reduced rates and also newbie cyclists.

Where are the velodromes?

Velodromes can vary from substantial, interior, first-rate centers, like the ADT Event Center in Southern California to smaller sized, regional (commonly outdoors in a city or area park) tracks.

Your regional velodrome possibly has an organization or club that keeps the track, routines occasions, and also manages gain access to. They possibly use training, also, and also might need you to finish a fundamental security course prior to you obtain gain access to, specifically if you have not competed on the track prior to. Below are a few of the prominent track and also organizations that can assist novices get going:

There are a lot more velodromes worldwide. To discover one near you, attempt thisWikipedia article on velodromes

See you at the track!

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