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Yuba Freight Bikes – Bonus! Bonus! The Upgrade Your Commute Competition Outcomes remain in!

  • ( Sam Wedelich– Victor of individuals Moving company group)

We’re not simply claiming this, however whoa! I suggest Wow, you men! We obtained over 50 access and also every one was absolutely magnificent!

Thanks to everybody that went into for making the effort to share your tale with us. Unique many thanks to Sam Wedelich for going for it! The photo you see above is simply a tiny clip from a complete size anime of the Journeys of an Urban Load Mama! We’ll publish the whole anime on the blog site quickly. It’s incredible!

As forecasted we could not choose one solitary champion for the competition so we split you all right into 3 groups, Hillside Climbers, Environmentalists and also Individuals Movers. Initially, 2nd and also 3rd area victors are listed here.

Drum roll please … … …

Hillside Mountain Climbers
1st Location– Travis Ritchie + Little Cyclists
second Location– Ellen Foley
third Location– Alex Hooker

1st Location– Jackie Wilson
second Location– Audrey Fergason
third Location– René Ponder

1st Location– Sam Wedelich, The Urban Load Mama
second Location– Joe Pecorino and also Jimmy
third Location– Theresa Bechtel

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