Zenroll C1 Pro Ebike – Folding Fat Tire Ebike -Faster Than A Lectric XP & Unlocked Amazon Deals #fun

What I have here is the zenroll 500 watt, uh e bike, its an its a foldable e bike. How did um I end up with this bike, and I just want to do a quick talk through before I actually get on it and Ride Now disclaimer, when I ride this bike, even though you can see outside that, its sunny today is 36 degrees out. So its not a great day to get a gauge of how well the battery is, you know the longevity in regards to how long how about how good the range is on its 36 degrees out and when you ride a bike, or you ride a motorcycle as You know the faster you go, the colder it gets which plays habit on the battery the battery is in here. How do I end up with this bike? You remember some of my videos. Talking about. I was looking at the electric XP light, so I was looking at it: 350 watt motor Peak power or whatever it was 700 750. I think it was 350. what motor single speed um honestly, I didnt get it and the reason I didnt get it its a single speed. The motor was wimpier uh. I did like that. It was light, but in comparison I still said all right well lets just get another bite to try out to do. A review on that was in a price range that most people, especially if youve never had an e bike, would be able to pay.

I mean would be willing to pay. Excuse me, so that was one of the reasons I got. This bike was that I looked at okay, 500 watt motor. I was like you know what this looks like. This is like an electric XP and youre like well its not electric speed. Well, electric XP is a Chinese bike. Lets be honest: okay, they arent built built in Phoenix uh. What separates electric XP from a lot of the companies where these bikes are actually built in China and a lot of times, probably in the same Factory, I would guess, is customer service, as you know, in my electric XP 1.0 right away, I didnt have it that Long before uh um the the computer uh the controller burnt out in it, they sent me one pretty fast, so I said all right lets. Do it this way lets do it in a way where we get a bike, but we get it from Amazon lets. Try one of the Amazon bikes, because one thing you do have backing you up is Amazon protection. People say well thats, not true. Yes, it is true, it is true. Ive had problems with things from Amazon. Ive never had a problem and getting it dealt with. So this comes with the typical one year: warranty it has the folding uh Folding Stock and all this stuff whats interesting about this and youll, see in the video that I always. These are weak points right here.

Every place these fold is pretty weak. They always are in these, but I dont care if its electric XPS the rad power. These are the areas I always worry about. So I always look at the locking mechanism. Locking mechanism is pretty similar to my electric XP, except for and youll see in the video. If you cant see it from here, I I did a close up. It has a little lever, thats made out of metal that goes down in here to give it another safety feature the same as the uh, the folding stem same thing. It has a locking mechanism, which is awesome, metal that comes around and locks in place to give it another uh give you a little bit more peace of mind now with that being said, this uh it it can go up and down the handlebars. You can drop them down whatever they go up, pretty high its the same size as an electric XP, its of course smaller than my electric X premium, when I put them all together when I had them all at the same time, including the rad mini the electric X, premium is a longer bike. This bike, I believe, is around 50. Some pounds Id say high 50s 55 to about 58 is what I would guess and the reason being, oh, I didnt even say the price on it, everyone, so what I paid for this and first off. Thank you. Everyone that looks at my videos thanks.

Everyone who clicks on the links for Amazon this bike was purchased out of uh people who actually watch my videos um. I this bike total, was on Black Friday, 6. 690. 6.99. I think it was or 700. I was looking at. Electric XP lightning had 350 Watts too, and it had a bigger battery than an electric XP, but it weighs 60 some pounds I was like I dont know, then I saw this and said 50 some pounds. I said yes sure whatever it may be. 50, some its. Maybe low 60s somewhere in there, but youre getting 500 watt motor with probably Im willing to bet the peak power on this and Ill. Look it up and Ill put it Ill put it in there too, its the same as electric XP, its probably got around the same Peak power. So I saw this. It checked all the boxes and what I wanted. I wanted a smaller bike than electric X premium when I didnt more comfortable in an electric XP when I had it and electric X Premium Too, of course, so, first off this bike is very similar to the electric XP that I had very they. They are very, very similar, fit and finish of this bike. I cant tell the difference. One thing this bike had on it that the electric XP didnt have excuse me. One thing this bike: didnt have the electric XP had when I got it, no damage this one wasnt damaged.

When I got it, it has a ding right here but thats from me, and I know its for me uh. When I was messing around setting up the video. I dropped the bike. I knocked it over and stuff, so I did that you cant even see it. I can see it so fit finish was good, it has the shocks on it. You know these arent nothing to write home about, but they do make a big difference when you ride these bikes, so my XP 1.0 didnt have it of course, XP 2.0 and 3.0 happened now, but you remember this was 700 when I bought it 700 bucks. So it came with shocks, so how did they save money on it? Youd ask yourself: well: how do they save money on it and you got to take into account with electric XP, which is a bigger brand or excuse me, a more known American brand of Chinese bikes from an American company? Well, XP electric has to spend money on. You know commercials things like that, so they have to spend money on advertisement. Add on there. Also, this bike has no fenders no fenders on it and it does not have a rear rack, so it doesnt everything is there to put a rear rack on Im. I 99 sure Im probably 100 sure that I could literally order electric xps rear rack and put it on here, which I never would. I would do like I do with the rad mini and throw one on from hay bike, or one of the other companies uh eco, eco or Echo trick their ones because they all fit theyre all basically designed the same.

The only one thats really different in their design than most of these cookie cutter, folding Fat, Tire four inch bikes is Rad. Rad has their own thing that they do, but all these are pretty much about the same bike. Everyone Shimano Shimano shifters up here same kind. Thats on the electric XP Shimano gears and stuff same as on the electric XP, the Im, not for sure I really wish. I saw that electric XP to compare them, but everything is pretty much the same on this bike. Welds on this bike, look pretty good as what youd expect theyre rough around edges, just like the electric XPR, but theyre all there and its tight, the um, the actual kickstand cheap. It looks exactly like the one I had an electric XP uh, four, its a 14, where 10.4 Mah so 14 000 10.4 Mah. I have a Ill have a picture of it or whatever. What brand it is this battery in here I took it out dime a dozen, so I tried in the video and I cut it out because I couldnt get the battery out first, I said: wait a minute. These are basically cookie cutter bites. It operates the same speed, so I did like my electric XP put the put it in and I want to say you turned uh the key clockwise when you put the key in push up and turn it clockwise and it pulls the bolt out thats on the Inside that holds the battery in place just like an electric XP uh bam, it slides out one thing I did break on it: it had a little handle on it, but the little things on the sides are there, where you could uh little little bitty loopy loopy Handle that you could pull it out much easier.

I did that they didnt do that. I didnt push it in place when I opened it up the first time to try it, and I snapped it up off with it in the middle did not does not affect. It is not a big deal interesting thing about this battery, though what I really like, Im gon na pick up another battery its a cookie cutter battery uh. I guarantee you if you have the electric XP with the 10.4. Now I dont know about that 9.6 or whatever, as they put start putting those little smaller batteries in there. I bet it fits in here. I bet its the same exact battery. I practically guarantee it anyway. I saw this box. This battery is cheap as like 169 online, so I was like Hey a 14 mmh8 Mah 10.4 battery Im like this is good to go. So when I saw that I was actually really happy and the reality was when I bought this bike, I knew it was a cheap bike with electric XP is a cheap bike too. Yes, theres certain things about it, but honestly, with this bike, I cant tell any difference. One thing I will do to it Ill start looking for fenders, not metal ones. I hate electric XP and premiums uh metal fenders. They add needless weight to these bikes. These bikes are already heavy theyre, very heavy bikes in comparison and plus I, like I just like the plastic ones getting in black and in whatever paint it do whatever I want to do with it.

You know this bike came in white too, so that was also, but I wanted a different color because always get the same post, white or black. So I saw a grayish a gunmetal. I got it c c. Is it might as well? Have the electric XP brand on it and Im not excuse me and Im not saying these people copied XP dont, do not get me dont. Take it that way. Im just saying these bikes come out properly, probably the same exact factories, its got the CST um, the CF, the CST bfts on them same type of tires, ointments dont have in it, which I will do is Ill just Ill put slime in them. Thats all Ill. Do Ill load them up with uh put the slime in there the self sealing Slime, just in case I get a flat with sooner layer. You usually do I changed them theyre, not even that bad. The hardest. One is the rear tire and it really wasnt that bad. I did it the first time I was like. Oh this is nothing so Ill. Do that um size wise fits me good, like I said, the seat very similar to the XP XP has a a more comfortable seat than the rad power seat. If I really wanted to, I still have I have the X premium seat downstairs. I can throw it on here, Ill, bring it out and Ill check them and see which ones feels more comfortable and Ill throw it around.

Like I said this is just a bike one. I dont want to take an expensive bike with me, but gets good power that I feel comfortable, uh, locking outside and not having issues with and theres going to be me a video of writing. It Ill do a review on the ride, but I want to do initial. Tires are good, like I said, theyre csts, theres, nothing really to say about them. Theyre csts, a 20, its a four inch like I said no fenders on it. It does have a headlight and the headlights decent its. I put it on par with electric X premium. I put them on par with electric XPS One, its fine. I dont ride a lot at night, but its good its good. I pre. I would never likely change it. The display on it is good and before I forget, let me do the uh porn, because what I did like I got a kick out a 700 bike. It has an electric horn. It was already put together because some people were saying in reviews – they had put this and this and no it didnt. So I dont know what they were talking about. Maybe theirs was like that, but it was already put together. All I had to do was put actually put on the handlebars and by the way the tires on this are the exact same tires that are on my rad mini theyre, csts too, and I cant see right now, my electric X premium, but theyre either.

One of the two because they use both of them too so, but regardless, once you put them together, the main thing to do with this bike is go through it and do pre maintenance. That means tighten everything, make sure everythings tight. You got ta put air in the tires. The tires are in here flat, thats to be expected. It has a reflectors and everything I have not put on here and some of them, I probably wont, put on Ill, probably go with like a tape or something you know, because when you put those reflectors and stuff on these bikes, electric XP or whatever it is All they do is just another place from the rattle app. If you know what I mean Id rather have reflective tape somewhere reflective tape, doesnt rattle so um, so I tied everything up and believe it or not. This bike was not that loose. There was most of it was pretty tight already, but Im always going to make sure how to put the pedals on and just The Handlebar, and that was about it and, of course, the seat. You know its not on there so dropped all that down in there. It was ready to go basically, but I could not write it because it was just how it was uh. It was cold out, so it was late at night now, okay, package well packaged. It was packed the same as electric XP. It didnt have any damage to it.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got it. I was like this is a pretty decent budget bike. No, this is a good budget bike. Let me stop saying that decent were talking. A 700 bike. Yo were not talking. A thousand were not talking 900. This was 700 bucks. This was a decent bike. I was really pleasantly surprised with this bike. Yes, it doesnt have fenders big deal. It looks good Im going. I I was okay with that. I want to put like plastic ones and cut them like half half ones, basically just where they protect you, but not like gaudy or anything because kind of the ones on the red. Many of the Plastics on the rad mini are kind of ugly. They are ugly. My red mini is kind of ugly, its like a Honda, Civic, its a durable, Dependable bike, but its an ugly bike kinda in a way the one I have to wrap around is cool. Now, with that being said, um all right – everyone will be a separate video in regards to the actual um um ride itself. More than likely, I just I thought Id end that other video, but then I was like nah. I have to come back and tell you what I thought of the ride. Actually so oh theres, the charging port same as electric XP. By the way it was freezing cold out there so saying its 34 degrees out riding it, and as fast as I was going, it was probably down around 10 degrees, even with the Sun out.

So I could only do it for so long. I didnt even hardly want a pedal thats how cold it was trying to ride. Walking is no big deal, but when you get on a bike – and it starts dropping degrees, how fast youre going anyway initial impressions of it pleasantly surprised um. I really honestly Im not really surprised. I know, like my electric XP – is a basic cookie cutter Chinese bike this neither here nor there thats just the reality of it. So I know this would operate dissimilar to that heres. The difference. Of course. This is different than my 1.0 because it has shocks on the front. If I had it locked out, because I was on the street uh the shocks dime a dozen shocks, you should find them on a thousand other bikes initial Impressions throttle. So I used an mph miles per hour, app the miles per hour. App on here I mean the actual miles per hour on the actual display is off probably about three miles. I would guess so, but this thing rips, I mean it rips, on throttle on throttle on this thing. It said on the Amazon description: itll go up to 25 miles an hour on throttle. Oh yeah right. You know what I mean. I was like Ive heard that before well, I got it up to about 27 on throttle on a flat down going down the high uh, a hill, 30 or so heres.

The thing is the throttle just kept going and going and going and going the electric XP. My rad mini um, the electric X premium. They started cutting off around 20., even unlocked electric XP. I dont think it ever went over 20 to be honest with you, and the 1.0 is one of the few electric XP versions that actually got it went as fast as they claim the same as electric X premium claims that itll go 28 or 27.9. That thing will not go it unless you were like you know, youre going to need a shower. It will not do it not at all the electric XP 1.0 on a flat could do it actually, the 1.0 could the battery you know all that stuff. So on throttle, this is my fastest bike. On throttle alone, Im going to say this is my fastest bike. Out of all the bikes, Ive had to be honest with you Im pretty sure this can go around 30 miles an hour. It will go 28, yes, Ill mess around in the computer a little bit it comes already unlocked you dont have to unlock it Ill mess around see. If I can mess around with the pass, the pedal assist it kicks on theres, a delay which is normal. They all have a delay, but usually you can go in and um. You can go in and switch them up and make it quicker make it slower its, not a problem when it kicks on its like the one to two seconds and people have e bikes and understand what Im saying you know you can go in a lot of Times and delay I like mine, faster, but one thing about this in comparison to the 1.

0 that I had is the power comes on smoother on it. The unlocked XP was jerky, it was more. It was a lot more jerky than this Hub motored uh zenroll C1. Pro thats, what this is, I believe the C1 pro itll be in the description anyway. So initial initial uh view of it riding it. It rides great, like I said, Ill put. Some Ill look online and get some plastic offenders. Anything I do to this bike is budget minded right now, theyre running a 50 off coupon, so it is still 700, not just for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so still 50 bucks off honestly yall. I am really surprised on it. I hear I can tell this. Is a lot quicker than my 1.0? It runs out of Gears faster. So if you were to change out the gears in this, you could easily you can go even faster than that, but this bike Im pretty sure, will do 30 miles an hour 30 to 32.. Im saying in between there on throttle, it will definitely go what they claim it will like. I said the uh the mileage on the display is off, but almost all my bikes are off a little bit anyway. So when its telling you youre going 33 miles an hour, youre, not going 30 uh excuse me, youre, going 31 32 miles youre, going like 27 28 type of thing Im going to test this again when its actually warm it was so cold but being cold.

Its still got what it said: it did um the batterys down to about um, probably about its got three bars out. Five left but mind you mind you on this Im riding on a super cold day and the faster you go on a bike or a motorcycle uh. The colder it gets cold is not the friend of e bikes. It is not Im gon na. Let yall know that so I cant gauge the battery correctly. The way it is, I know what kind of battery it has in it: a 14 10.4, its the same ones. In my XP and my main complaint with the XP is, I always had a little bit of range anxiety and Im talking about me at my weight at my way to 210 215., so its a little bit different. But with that being said, I dont worry about. I wouldnt worry about it on this bike. Personally, because I know I can get this bike. I dont have to get the proprietary uh electric XP, one, which really is just a dime, a dozen uh electric uh battery. I suffer. I dont know about the newer one at 9.49.6, the smaller one, but if Im gon na look at their their specs on that new electric XP, the 3.0. If theyre saying that that can fit, if you, because because its saying you can put the larger battery in the XP 1.0, you know the new larger uh ranged battery in the 1.

0. This is the same battery Im pretty sure thats in the 1.0. I bet its. The same cookie cut a battery. If I had that bike here, I would definitely compare them but Im willing to bet its the same battery. Well, if itll fit in 1.0, the larger battery guess what itll fit in here, itll work in here and Im not just about fitting but working, because Im willing to bet Im going to compare the controllers just to make sure Im not going to burn this bike Out Im not going to just you, know Frankenstein and make it where Im burning it out, quick, but what, if that doesnt work its not a big deal, a backup battery for this bike is only uh. Like I said, Ive seen as cheap as 169.. I could Splurge spend like 200 and get maybe a little bit better. Maybe maybe, but you never know a lot of times. The batteries that are more expensive just have a brand slapped them. So you dont know it might the same battery as the other one. That came from the big factories over there so with that being said, pleasantly surprised the comforter to see its good. For now its Im not worried about this seat. The seat is soft enough. I got three other seats. I got the electric X premium one. I got all these different seats. If I want to, I can switch up drone here, but its pretty soft seat, so initial um impressions of it riding it be honest with you its not as clunky as the 1.

0. Partly it doesnt have those stupid metal fenders. They put on that rattle all over the place, so no fenders on them um the squeaks on the brakes. I wiped them on with alcohol. The same as I did all my other bikes. They grab good but theyre, not as as rub. They dont rub as much as my first 1.0 and heres the thing Im not going to say theyre better than my premium premium has larger discs and theyre hydraulic, but it just I dont know I think the fit and finish is pretty darn decent for this bike. I dont have any complaints everyone about this bike. I am this is this – was a good 700 bike, a 700. This is a decent bike. I Im satisfied with it. I really am, but I will definitely yall because I didnt want to get all because Im right. Its snowed out the other night, so I definitely will get some plastic fenders, but like half Bend or something you know, keep it kind of cool looking, but not. I want no metal, oh and also the weight on. It is definitely it weighs less than my rad mini and my my full electric XP, 1.0 and heres, how I know I havent weighed it because when I bring it in the house, I have to lift it up. Steps is I lifted up, like I lift up all my other uh e bikes Im prepared for that weight, and I looked through that, but I was like whoa.

This is lighter, so it may be 10 pounds lighter, maybe Id guess not my premium but the 1.0. It may be definitely 10 pounds lighter in the rear than it, because it doesnt have the rack. It doesnt have the metal things at least five pounds, yall Id say: okay lets say five, five to seven pounds, probably something I dont know, but its a lighter bike. I can tell you that, because I picked it up waiting for that weight and I yanked it up pretty fast – got a little a little over the zealous prepared for that weight shifted to the gears great um, its not doesnt. Have that Rattle. My 1.0 does thats the thing about it: wasnt all rattling um, like I said, if you buy this bike, look here the thing about it: buy them through Amazon, Ill leave the links in the description, but also you have the protection at Amazon, and I think they Offered the extended with it, if you really want to get it me Im, not really too worried about it, because if it does actually break which they always have a chance of breaking, you know, I know what I have to repair on them. Three things: motor battery controller. Everything else is easy, display, wow, thats, simple Plug and Play wires. Thats simple, the hardest thing that you couldnt probably do. Unless you have welding skills, is the frames on the bikes thats it um. You know if that really went out.

My shocks really went out. I wanted to drop some weight, I could yank those shocks off and just not have shocks on it. You know to be honest with you, but in all honesty, yall 700 bucks Im digging it Im. Getting a second battery for this bike. Im gon na tell you that right now, but oh, but the throttle keeps going it kept going and it was so cold that I couldnt take it to the Limit as much as I wanted to to see where it cuts off at. But it does 25 that its, it legitimately does using the app it does. 25 26., I might have, did 27, but it was so cold. I started having to put my phone away and you Im trying to ride one handed with the phone in my hand on a bike Ive never ridden before so you have to you know you got to use common sense, have to be careful Im not trying to Drop my phone while Im also not trying to wreck either so uh finish of it excellent 700. Excellent! If you do get this bike uh before you take it out on a ride, I didnt do it this time because I get so excited. I put it all together before you air it up all the way. Fully um get slime, get get uh self sealing slime and go ahead and just do the tires and throw it throw that in there, and you got that thats good to go on that.

When you do get a flat, do not just affix the flat right away, go ahead and get liners, since you already got that tire off go ahead and drop those Liners in it anytime, you get a flat. You have to take it off anyway. Have liners ready to go to drop it in there in there, so you have liners around to protect it even more um, as you know, Im on a trip to um the Pacific Northwest, I think, last year or the year before with electric XP 1.0. I got a flat that was my fault uh. The controller burning out was not my fault uh, but that but thats near here and over there, but also keep a second tube tubes, are cheap Ill leave a link in the description for the ones I use um that I replace mine with, and just do that Anyway, initial Impressions ride fit and finish how it does excellent excellent excellent for 700 bucks. It was worth it. It was well worth it yall Im liking. I cant wait to take this out. I wont be riding it uh around town as much uh. When I have the family either my spouse will ride it or my son Ill probably put my son on it just for range until theres I get a second battery because you know hes 14 years old. He weighs like 110 pounds or so or her putting her on there shes like 110 or 15 too.

Just a lighter ride. It wouldnt make make sense where its going a long ride and the heaviest person you know, take this bike uh to run out the battery, especially with the weather, changing the way it is now. But anyway I cant say anything else. Lets see what the battery shows on before I cut this video off display is good on it too, so its showing its got 405 on it and heres the thing about that um its the same as XP. You can also switch this over to voltage. So if you want to see the voltage on it, you can do that too. So you can just revolts it and see where youre really at I still just have it on the battery display um, actually selling full bars on it. Full bars, dont know if thats really true, like I said that cold wrex havoc on these bikes, it doesnt matter which one I took out, that cold tone to get them its going to get them, especially there youre riding on this bike, its probably around 15 degrees. 10 degrees, actually, when you get up to speed just going through a metal frame hitting that battery theres, no heating element or anything, keeping it warm or anything so anyway, this is Frugal Panda. I hope this helps someone out there. You can ride an XP, you can ride this, but for 700 bucks I mean I dont got nothing to say about this bike.

Im Im digging it its going with me on my next trip that electric XP light for what it doesnt have on it. I say thats a 600 bike, but thats, neither here nor there, whatever you got, get out there and ride Im. Just saying this is my opinion. I know they have things like advertising things like that other cost built in, but hey its good the fit and finish the fit and finish the rattles, the clients. The all that that I was used to on my 1.0 are not there. The rattles, the clanks that are on my premium my premium, has that crap because they put those stupid fenders on those fenders. All they do is rattle even more.


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