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Coboc Bristol TPZ: A New Player in the Urban Utility E-Bike Market

The Coboc Bristol TPZ, an urban utility e-bike, was recently showcased to select media in a unique online event. Following the success of their Iseo model in the trekking segment, Coboc aims to make a mark in the urban utility space with this new offering, adding to their line of sleek e-bikes.

Detailed Review of the Coboc Bristol TPZ

We tested the TPZ version of the Bristol, notable for its low-step frame design. The bike, painted in Riesling Silver, exudes elegance. Its electric drive is discreetly integrated, with the hub motor cleverly concealed behind the cassette or brake disc.

Features and Performance

The Bristol TPZ features the new, lightweight CBC01 rear drive, developed in-house by Coboc. It delivers a maximum torque of 30 Newton meters, efficiently managed through advanced algorithms. The bike’s battery, also an in-house design, is neatly incorporated into the downtube and promises a range of over 100 kilometers. The control unit, mounted on the top tube, displays battery capacity and assistance levels through multi-colored LEDs.

Connectivity with the Coboc system is available through a newly released smartphone app, allowing riders to customize the bike’s performance to their liking.

Ride Experience

Weighing around 18 kilograms, the Bristol TPZ is a lightweight e-bike ideal for city commutes. Its motor provides smooth, harmonious assistance, though it becomes noticeable under heavy loads. However, the bike’s motor struggles on steep inclines compared to mid-motor models.

Steering is precise, and the bike handles well up to and beyond its maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h. The Schwalbe Marathon Almotion Performance tires offer comfort on smoother surfaces but less so on rougher terrains like cobblestones.

Components and Accessories

The bike comes equipped with an 11-speed Sram drive train, offering a sufficient range for city riding, and Riderever disc brakes. It also features dual cargo racks compatible with the Racktime Snapit 2.0 system, ergonomic grips, a comfortable Selle Royal Essenza Plus saddle, and an integrated Coboc Cobell bell.


The Coboc Bristol TPZ impresses with its stable frame, quiet motor, and excellent lighting system. It offers ample cargo capacity and attention to detail in its design elements. However, it falls short in hill climbing and comfort on rough terrains. The smartphone app also needs further development.

Price and Availability

The Coboc Bristol TPZ, with its array of features, is priced at 3,999 EUR.

Transparency Note

The Bristol TPZ was provided by Coboc GmbH & Co. KG for testing without any conditions. The review and opinions expressed are unbiased.

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