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AKEZ eBike electric fat bike Super 73 Clone Review

I had problems, but I actually had three of these one, which is already sold and gone. But I still have another one over here, which is actually supposed to be better when this one has the 220 amp hour batteries and a thousand watt motor well, this one here is a 750 watt Hub motor and two 13 amp batteries, though, but they both pretty Much had serious, serious flaws and forget assembly, it was pretty much atrocious. I ended up having to use my own Hardware to fix the brakes and stuff Im gon na go over some of the major issues that I had to fix with these bikes and the reason why I just say just avoid them all together now the reason why Im pointing at the crank here, because when I got this out of box, this here was actually hitting this and wasnt allowing this to turn Im, not sure you can see the scratch or not right there, oh, where it would hit that. So what I did to fix that was, I added two spacers there, its a space it this way, and even though you could Bend this back this way here, it just kept shifting over this side. So I ended up having to add to spaces to kind of Center it and now its centered on both sides pretty well its as good as Im gon na get it, and I have rolled it a little while so yeah.

It stayed there so its good now, but I shouldnt have had to do that, and this is not the only one I had to do that. I also had to do that to this one over there too. So its two in a row that was bad and you could also see some of the rust there too. Its supposed to be carving Steel and theres, a little rust there and there and hasnt even been really wet or anything like that. Its the way it came for factory well, you know Im used to buying Chinese bike and stuff like this, so Im kind of used to having, of course, do brakes and stuff like that having to go over and check it over and stuff. But this is unacceptable. You shouldnt have to worry about this, and this was here, like I said, hitting there, where you can see the clear Mark there where this was stopping right there and it was allowing the crank to turn and it wasnt due to shipping, because the other one was The same way too and stuff like that and overall there really is no damage or anything like that. Shoulder had rough shipping, the box was in good condition, its just the way left Factory. It was pretty bad. Actually, the other major issue was with this right here now. This here is my own brake card, where I actually had to add this myself, because they didnt even use Hardware, they just use washers pretty much.

They left these loose and not only that two, but when you tighten it down, it would actually rub and cause it to rub on that side and it wouldnt Center. The tone and stuff like that. So I ended up having used a self adjusting washers to fix this, so that way I can Center it and keep it from rubbing and Im, not sure you can see in there, but its pretty center right now too, and I also had to change the adapters Because adapters were wrong and when you did tell you in doubt it would go too much into there and it would grab either too much of the road or too little of the rotor. Therefore, not allowing, of course, you know it to evenly hit the road which you want the whole pad to hit the road, but you dont want it to be more than one or two millimeters too much in or out. Otherwise, if you have a two out where its not grabbing the whole rotor, its gon na wear halfway through and its gon na stick now, if it goes too much in there, then of course you can wear too much into the road or two as well. So I had to fix that and the fix that here Ill go and show you. Thankfully I have other brake mark. I had to change these for the correct axle offset on there to get exactly right, and then I use the proper Brake Hardware so can align it because you know frame is not completely straight, so it lines this way here.

So that way it centers and its. You know when its off its not wearing the pad on the evenly sofa, so that was another major issue I had to fix with the c bike other than that its actually been pretty good on this particular one, because this particular one does ride. Fine and stuff like that, after I did all the fixes and stuff. The only thing I really dont like about is the weight of pedal height, but its a common issue with just the style frame itself. It rides more like a scooter, slash motorbike more than it does a bicycle, because when you go ahead and sit on there, its pretty much useless to Pedal because your legs are so cramped up, but its this particular style of bike. Pretty much but like I said, everything else has been good. The batteries are 13 and far capacity. I did discharge them and everything else and they do hold what the capacity actually claims they stated and stuff like that. So its been pretty good folded. Snacks been pretty decent too on them and stuff like that. It doesnt draw its only 750 watts, but it doesnt drop the photo too much when youre cranking in a Full Throttle, hard and stuff like that, so this ones actually in pretty good. But this one here. Oh, this ones been the problem bike and Ill show you too similar issue, but this one here I didnt have to add space because it wasnt its acceptable.

You know what I mean here. You go and go put it there, where its not quite hitting you know, theres still Gap and thats as far as it goes so its not as bad pretty much, but you can see its still pretty much uneven and to me, like, I said that alone by Itself makes a deal breaker on disease bike, because you shouldnt have to worry about that. The other major problem is and Im gon na have to take it for a quick wide to show you what the problem is. Is it hops when you go and try to do anything, thats full throttle and try to crank the throttle on it? The motor starts to vibrate. Finally, and you can hear kind of hopping, you know what I mean and I did check the tires. I also did check everything I also had to replace the rear tube already in there, because inner tube on this one here had a hole and it wasnt from hitting the curb or any holes in the tires, because the tires are perfectly fine came from like that. From Factory they were actually installed improperly, where this here the stem was kind of like this way, so when they put the inner tube in they didnt really do a good job and same thing here had to do with the brake hardware. I had to use my own Brake Hardware to get these perfectly in line now that I got them perfectly aligned they work great.

Actually, I havent had a problem with the Hydraulics. This one has full hydraulic brakes and they do work quite well, but you know I ended up. Having used the brake adapter the brake hardware, to get everything lined up properly because everything was all loose and you know you could not ride like the slaughter box. If youre a customer trying to buy this e bike just to get onto it and use it, I would not recommend it because it needed so much work and I needed so much of my own parts to get everything perfect to get the brakes to work perfectly And stuff like that and like I said this, one here has other severe issues now. The reason why Im definitely not going to recommended company was because I showed him a video of the hopping issue when you hit the thing Full Throttle and the Hops and stuff like that to show somethings wrong with either the controller or the actual motor itself and Stuff like that, and they have yet to respond and its been months, its not like something thats been oh a couple weeks or whatever its been a long time, and they did ask for the video and stuff and I gave to them. They have yet to resolve the problems so Im not dealing with this company, no more theyre kind of one of the worst companies to deal when I compare to like Arista Motors and other ones which respond right away, they send you parts right away and they dont Give you a hard time, but this company here this AK, EZ company, avoid so next part of the video Im gon na go ahead and get on this thing.

Well go and take it for a ride and Im gon na show you the hopping problem. It has, and that will pretty much conclude the video, so Im gon na go ahead and demonstrate the happiness shoot at this e bike. Half this is the AK EZ. This is the 1000 water with the 220 amp hour battery, so this is actually supposed to be the better one from the other one and you dont have to hit the throttle pretty much all the way. If you just hit the throttle, any you know pretty much regularly, it starts hopping pretty much you have to hit it really lightly, for it not to hop, and what I mean by hopping is the motor will make a Hopping sound and itll feel like its skipping And youll feel some vibration coming from the rear. Now, like I said it, does it doesnt have to necessarily have to drive 100. It just does it when you twist the throttle. You know a little bit hard now if you go and go slowly on it, it doesnt. Do it so not sure exactly what the issue is. I went ahead and did actually swap out different battery packs. I have one with a bigger amperage, BMS and everything else. Like that to roll out that the current issue – and I also switched out the balancer to a higher amperage bounce on the back, since it has two batteries, it actually has a battery balancer and I switched that out to a 40 amp rated one, and it still Does it so at this point I think its either the controller or the motor itself, but Ill go and demonstrate it.

Sorry about the rain 14s been like this all day, its the only time I had to do this, though all right lets go ahead and you can see on the odometer. I got about 43 miles on this already see. If we can hear the hopper and there you go top foreign, but if I go and let off of it, it goes away, and it does that every single time pretty much even the battery Ford still does it it just constantly always does it it doesnt matter. What, fortunately, its an issue with this bike and Ill go and demonstrate it one more time lets go ahead, pretty sure you can hear it, you can even see it probably vibrate a little, but I go and let off the throttle and just go at it slowly. It doesnt do it. You can hear now its nice and quiet and thats the problem with the Z bike pretty much 4G. I already tried to contact the manufacturer. I went ahead and sold the video actually detailing describing the problem, but they were of no help. So I would just avoid this company altogether, so this one here is gon na be the 750 watt one. So Im gon na show you that it does not have that hoppiness you, this ones normal, so lets go ahead and do this to get some lights on and lets take it for our spin. This is the good one. This is the way it should so like.

I said this: is the 750 water same bike pretty much, but this has the lower power and I got the throttle at 100. Absolutely no hopping. The motor is nice and smooth. Okay is the car coming. So I got ta. Let him go all right and then here we go, go and go for it again. Foreign, like I said this. One rides perfect. This one doesnt have the bra and I got about 50 miles on this one. No, it does go faster than 15 and 16 Im.


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