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Gogotops GS4 Off-Road Electric Scooter Overview and Specifications

In this article, I’m exploring the Gogotops GS4 off-road electric scooter, a high-performance option that offers great value for its features. This scooter might be just what you’re looking for if power is a priority.


A common issue with many electric scooters is their lack of power, especially for riders over 80kg, who may find average 250w or 350w scooters insufficient for anything beyond gentle slopes. The Gogotops GS4, however, breaks this mold with its significant power output. It’s important to note that due to its power, it’s not recommended for public road use in many EU countries and is best suited for private land.

Gogotops GS4 Overview

The Gogotops GS4 boasts features typically seen in higher-priced electric scooters. It’s a robust machine intended for experienced adult riders, and it’s essential to use full protective gear when operating this scooter. Below is a detailed breakdown of its specifications:


The scooter is equipped with dual motors, offering a combined power output of 2000w. This provides a top speed of 65km/h, though more realistically around 50km/h for heavier riders. Despite its speed capability, it includes a remote key fob for speed limitation to 25km/h, a feature unlikely to satisfy legal requirements in many regions.

Display / Controls

The display shows essential information such as speed, power level, and battery range. It also includes a thumb throttle and control buttons.


A powerful 52v 28Ah battery, totaling 1456Wh, supports the GS4’s large motors. The estimated range is 60km under optimal conditions.


For a scooter with such power, robust brakes are crucial. The GS4 is equipped with hydraulic brakes at the front and rear, complemented by motor braking.


The scooter includes basic front and rear coil-sprung shock absorbers, which should be adequate for light off-road use.


The 10-inch wide pneumatic tires have sufficient tread for grip on various surfaces.


The GS4 is well-equipped in terms of lighting, with front and rear lights plus indicators, enhancing safety for potential on-road use.

Full Specification

  • Factory Model No.: GS4
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Power: 52V 2000W
  • Drive Type: Double drive
  • Battery Capacity: 28.8Ah (60km range)
  • Max Load: 150kg
  • Max Speed: About 65km/h
  • Climbing Ability: 40°
  • Charge Time: 6-10 hours
  • Brake: Oil brake +electric brake
  • Tyre: 10-inch pneumatic road/off-road tire
  • Folding Size: 112x19x49cm
  • Net Weight: About 30kg


The Gogotops GS4 electric scooter is an exciting and affordable option for those needing more power than typical e-scooters offer. While its legal use may be restricted to private land in many areas due to its high power output, its speed-limiting function and overall capabilities make it an attractive choice for enthusiasts looking for a potent e-scooter under €1000.

The scooter is currently available for shipping to EU countries only.

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