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Eco-Friendly Future: The NOERDEN & LEON CYCLE Collaboration

This November, the world of eco-sustainability welcomes an exciting collaboration between NOERDEN, a French fitness tech brand, and LEON CYCLE, a German electric bike innovator (known for NCM BIKES). This partnership is buzzing with a shared vision – to champion eco-friendly products and transportation methods. They’re not just aiming for environmental benefits; they’re also focusing on the physical and mental well-being that comes from using these cutting-edge products in our daily lives.

Innovative Products for a Greener Tomorrow

NOERDEN & LEON CYCLE are putting the spotlight on eco-sustainability with some seriously cool products. First up is the LIZ smart bottle by NOERDEN. This isn’t your average water bottle – it disinfects liquids, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, shows the temperature, and even reminds you to hydrate every two hours. Perfect for cyclists, it’s a match made in heaven with NCM BIKES.

Speaking of NCM BIKES, their electrically assisted bicycles are a game-changer. With a high-performance battery offering 100km range, comfortable and secure riding positions, and optimal grip, these bikes are designed for both city streets and rural adventures. LEON CYCLE’s goal? To offer eco-friendly mobility solutions for everyone, from seasoned cyclists to beginners.

Quality and Sustainability Hand in Hand

The NOERDEN x LEON CYCLE collaboration is all about quality, accessibility, durability, reliability, and long-lasting batteries. It’s a testament to their commitment to sustainable and practical solutions in everyday life.

And here’s a treat – get your hands on the LIZ bottle from NOERDEN with a sweet 30% discount using the code LEON30.

About the Innovators

NOERDEN, hailing from France, is a pioneer in the Fitness Tech world. They’re all about measuring body data with their tech-savvy fitness gadgets, like connected scales, smart bottles, and hybrid watches. They analyze this data to provide personalized daily guidance through their mobile app.

LEON CYCLE, born in Hanover, Germany, in 2014, is on a mission to revolutionize eco-responsible mobility. They focus on developing and enhancing electronic technology in the mobility sector. Today, they’re offering their innovative products under various brands across numerous countries, aiming to be the go-to for reliable, affordable eco-mobility solutions.

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