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Orbea Rise Review: A Groundbreaking Approach to Mountain E-Bikes

Orbea, a name synonymous with innovation in the cycling world, has done something remarkable. They’ve customized a Shimano engine for their new electric mountain bike (e-MTB), the Orbea Rise, equipped with a tailored Shimano EP8 motor. This collaboration with Shimano has led to a unique e-MTB experience that feels more natural and realistic than ever before.

Key Features of the Orbea Rise

The Orbea Rise stands out in the light e-MTB category. It’s not just another electric mountain bike. Orbea’s involvement in developing their version of the Shimano EP8 motor has resulted in a distinctive user experience. This customized motor, named Shimano EP8 RS (Rider Synergy), has a lower torque of 60 Nm compared to the standard 85 Nm, but this is by design. The focus is on a more natural riding experience.

Design and Build

The Orbea Rise features a sleek design that’s hard to distinguish as an e-bike at first glance. It sports an OMR carbon frame weighing less than 2.5 kg, blending trail bike geometry with enduro capabilities. This e-MTB emphasizes the rider’s effort, requiring a more active pedaling style to engage the motor assistance, which adapts to the natural cadence.

Riding Experience and Customization

Orbea’s firmware customization on the Shimano EP8 RS motor has significantly enhanced the riding experience. The motor’s assistance feels natural and intuitive, adjusting to the rider’s pedaling force and cadence. Users can personalize their experience using Shimano’s E-Tube app, offering a range of settings to tailor the bike’s performance.

Technical Specifications

The Orbea Rise, with its double suspension and 29-inch wheels, integrates a 360 Wh standard battery, expandable to 600 Wh with an external battery. The model tested, being the higher-end variant, features top-of-the-line components unique to the Orbea Rise.

Motor Performance and Battery Life

Despite offering less torque, the Shimano EP8 RS motor on the Orbea Rise delivers ample power for challenging terrains. The motor’s firmware focuses on delivering power smoothly and naturally. In Eco mode, the push is subtle yet effective, offering a realistic riding feel. The bike’s autonomy is impressive, with the standard battery supporting extensive trail rides efficiently.

Minimalist Interface and Controls

The Orbea Rise ditches the usual e-bike trappings for a minimalist interface. Instead of large screens, it opts for a simple control system and a three-LED Shimano EW-EN100 interface for mode and battery status indication. For more detailed information, compatible Garmin devices can be used, enhancing the experience with additional data.


The Orbea Rise, though priced at a premium, justifies its cost with its custom engine and unique e-MTB experience. It’s a bike that appeals to traditional cyclists who want to retain the classic feel of a mountain bike while enjoying the benefits of electrical assistance. With its natural riding sensation, top-notch components, and efficient energy management, the Orbea Rise sets a new standard in the e-MTB segment.

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