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6 of the Best Dog Trailers for Electric Bikes

Are you a dog owner who loves biking? You don’t have to leave your furry friend behind! Here are the best dog trailers for electric bikes in 2022, offering comfort, safety, and practicality for your pet. These trailers are built with durable materials and are perfect for any weather. Let’s dive into our top picks and why they stand out.

Dog in Bike Trailer

What to Look For in a Dog Trailer

The ideal dog trailer should be made from sturdy materials like aluminum or steel, have a rain cover, and provide ample ventilation. It’s crucial to ensure your dog can’t jump out during the ride, so an enclosed design is recommended.

Benefits of a Dog Trailer

Dog trailers allow you to bring your dog to the park or on long bike rides, providing companionship and a way to exercise together. They’re perfect for urban dwellers who need to travel to green spaces or those who enjoy weekend biking adventures.

Best E-Bike for Towing a Dog Trailer

A hybrid or trekking style e-bike is best for towing, especially if it has a mid-drive motor for steep hills. Hub-powered e-bikes are fine for gentler terrains. Hydraulic disc brakes are recommended for better control, especially on descents.

Hybrid Electric Bike for Towing A hybrid e-bike is suitable for towing a dog trailer.

Top 6 Best Dog Trailers for Electric Bikes

  1. Novel DoggyRide Dog Bike Trailer
    • Designed for pet safety and comfort
    • Anti-slip bottom, sun screen roof for ventilation
    • Optional stroller/jogger conversion kits
    • Folds for storage
    • 1-year warranty
    • Price: £470
    • Find out more
  2. DoggyRide Mini 2020 Dog Bike Trailer
    • Ideal for smaller dogs
    • Storage pouch and sun roof
    • High-quality construction
    • Price: £280
    • Find out more here
  3. Burley Tail Wagon
  4. Pawhut 2 in 1 Dog Bike Trailer 🏆 (Best value)
    • Sturdy construction, Oxford fabric cover
    • Extra thick and strong tow bar
    • Price: £169
    • Buy now
  5. Pawhut Steel Dog Bike Trailer
    • Suitable for smaller dogs
    • Oxford fabric with PU cover
    • Mesh windows for ventilation
    • Price: £81
    • Buy now
  6. Veelar 2 in 1 Dog Bike Trailer
    • Extra-wide wheelbase, low center-of-gravity
    • Converts from trailer to stroller
    • Price: £149
    • Available on eBay


These top six dog trailers for electric bikes offer quality, value for money, and ensure you never have to leave your pet behind again. Ready for your next adventure with your furry companion!

Have experiences or questions about cycling with a pet? Share them in the comments!

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