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Finding a quality step-through e-bike with a mid-drive motor under £2000 is a rarity, but Eskute is changing the game with its affordable range of electric bikes. This review dives into the Eskute Polluno Pro, a model that’s challenging its competitors with impressive features and value.


Eskute burst onto the UK e-bike scene in the spring of 2021 with the launch of their Wayfarer and Voyager models. Thanks to their blend of quality and affordability, Eskute quickly made a name for themselves. Their latest offerings, the Netuno Pro and Polluno Pro, up the ante with a Bafang mid-drive motor, enhanced Samsung batteries, and improved gearing, all wrapped in the same reliable frame design of their hub motor predecessors.

The Eskute Polluno Pro, in particular, fills a much-needed gap in the market for mid-drive commuter e-bikes priced under £2000.

Electric Components

The Eskute Polluno Pro has seen significant enhancements over the original model, notably the inclusion of the Bafang M200 mid-drive motor and a more potent Samsung lithium battery.

Bafang M200 Motor

The heart of the Polluno Pro is the Bafang M200 mid-drive motor. Bafang, a leading global e-bike motor manufacturer since 2003, is renowned for its quality and innovation. The M200 motor features a torque sensor for a smooth and natural pedal assist, providing an intuitive riding experience that enhances the bike’s responsiveness.

With 65Nm of torque, the M200 motor ensures that even steep hills are no match, offering a stark contrast to the performance of equivalent hub motors. It’s part of Bafang’s ‘City’ motor lineup, designed specifically for urban commuting and lightweight at just 3.2kg. Its efficiency and performance rival that of the Bosch Active Line Plus motor.

A user-friendly Bafang display offers five levels of pedal assist, battery status, speed, and trip information, with added functionality to control the bike’s lights.


Eskute opts for a high-quality Samsung 522Wh (36v 14.5Ah) battery, promising up to 80 miles on the lowest assist setting, though 50 miles is more realistic for everyday use. Samsung cells are a staple in the e-bike industry, known for their reliability and longevity.

Bike Components

The Polluno Pro features a redesigned step-through frame for ease of access, making it an ideal choice for commuters and city riders. Internal cable routing and an integrated battery in the downtube enhance the bike’s sleek appearance.


The bike is equipped with 9-speed gearing and a wide-range cassette, providing ample gear range for all types of terrain, from city streets to country hills.


While hydraulic brakes would have been a nice addition, the Polluno Pro is fitted with reliable mechanical disc brakes from Zoom, ensuring sufficient stopping power for daily commutes and leisure rides.

Wheels and Tyres

The double-walled alloy rims and Kenda tyres with Kevlar puncture resistance are built to withstand city roads and light off-road conditions.

Front Suspension

The Zoom coil-sprung suspension fork includes a lock-out function and preload adjustment, offering basic shock absorption for a comfortable ride.

Frame and Accessories

The step-through frame provides a low standover height, suitable for a wide range of riders. The Polluno Pro comes fully equipped with mudguards, lights, a pannier rack, and a kickstand for added convenience.

Target Audience

The Eskute Polluno Pro is an excellent choice for daily commuters, offering a comfortable ride with its upright position and smooth motor. It’s also a great weekend leisure bike for exploring the countryside.


The Eskute Polluno Pro stands out for its value, offering mid-drive motor performance at a competitive price point. With Eskute’s commitment to quality and the proven reliability of Bafang motors, the Polluno Pro is a highly recommendable option for those seeking an affordable, versatile e-bike.

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