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Bafang BBS02 Review – Everything You Need to Know

The Bafang BBS02 is a popular mid-drive electric bike conversion kit known for its powerful performance and versatility. It’s a great option for transforming an existing bicycle into a high-performance e-bike. This comprehensive review, based on personal experience with over one hundred installations, covers all aspects of the Bafang BBS02, including its features, installation, reliability, and alternatives.

Who Makes Bafang Motors?

Bafang Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, established in 2003, is one of the largest e-bike motor manufacturers. They have a global presence with manufacturing and R&D in Suzhou, near Shanghai, and sales and service centers in the USA, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and Poland.

BBS02 vs. BBS02B

  • BBS02 (A Version): Launched in 2014, had reliability issues.
  • BBS02B (B Version): Introduced in 2016, features improved water resistance, reworked internals, and an updated controller. It’s the most current and reliable version.

How Does a Bafang Motor Work?

The BBS02B converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, enhancing pedaling power. It can be activated by pedaling or independently through a thumb throttle.

Differences: BBS01 vs. BBS02

  • BBS01: Suited for urban use with a 36v battery.
  • BBS02: More powerful, suitable for off-road and steep hills, uses a 48v battery.

Compatibility and Installation

  • Compatibility: Fits bicycles with a BSA threaded bottom bracket (68mm-73mm).
  • Installation: Straightforward for those comfortable with bicycle maintenance. The hardest part is removing the existing bottom bracket.

Motor Specification

  • Weight: 4.6kg
  • Top Speed: 28 mph+
  • Power Output: 750w continuous
  • Voltage: 48v
  • Current: 25A
  • Torque: 120Nm
  • IP Rating: IP65


The legality of the BBS02B depends on local e-bike laws. In the US, 750w e-bikes are allowed, but the UK, EU, and Australia limit continuous power to 250w.

Reliability and Common Issues

Bafang motors are generally reliable, but issues like controller failure, speed sensor problems, pedal sensor problems, hall sensor problems, and wiring harness issues can occur. The review includes detailed descriptions and troubleshooting tips for these issues.

BBS02 vs Bosch

The review compares the BBS02 with Bosch motors, highlighting the pros and cons of each. Bosch motors have torque-sensing pedal assist and are very efficient but are more expensive and less suited for DIY enthusiasts.

Best Bafang Displays

Several display options are available for the BBS02, each with its unique features, such as the P850C, 500c, SW102, DP-C18, and C965.

Programming the Bafang BBS02

The BBS02 is easily programmable, allowing customization of controller parameters like battery protect voltage, current limits, and pedal assist settings.

Riding Experience

Riding a Bafang BBS02 powered bike is exhilarating, offering a significant boost to cycling performance and enabling riders to tackle more challenging routes.


Alternatives include the Tongsheng TSDZ2 for a more workout-focused experience and the Bafang BBSHD for heavy-duty applications.


The Bafang BBS02B remains a top choice for e-bike conversion kits due to its performance, versatility, and value for money. Despite some reliability issues, it’s a highly recommended option for those looking to convert their bike into an e-bike.

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